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Anhui’s new quality productivity accelerates growth and anchors the expected GDP growth target of 6% in 2024

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Anhui Province Aims for High-Quality Development and Economic Strength in 2023-2024

The second session of the 14th Anhui Provincial People’s Congress opened in Hefei on January 23, with Governor Wang Qingxian delivering the “Government Work Report”. The report outlined the province’s plans for high-quality economic development and enhancement of economic strength over the next two years.

In 2023, Anhui Province aims to advance high-quality development and increase its regional GDP to 4.71 trillion yuan, marking a 5.8% increase. The province also plans to add 14 new domestic listed companies, bringing the total to 175 by the end of the year, positioning Anhui as the seventh largest in the country. Furthermore, Anhui has made strides in scientific and technological innovation, with significant progress in the construction of technology innovation highlands.

The province’s manufacturing sector has remained a strength, with continuous growth in manufacturing investment and the added value of the manufacturing industry. Anhui has also accelerated growth in new industries, particularly in the automobile production and photovoltaic manufacturing sectors.

Looking ahead to 2024, Anhui Province has set ambitious goals for economic and social development. It aims to achieve regional GDP growth of about 6%, an increase of about 7% in fixed asset investment, and a total import and export volume increase of about 9%. The province also plans to bolster its scientific and technological innovation efforts, particularly in the fields of integrated circuits, industrial motherboards, and intelligent equipment.

In terms of industrial development, Anhui plans to focus on strengthening the “primary industry” of automobiles, as well as accelerating the construction of advanced photovoltaic and new energy storage industry clusters. The province will also lay the groundwork for future industries such as quantum information and artificial intelligence.

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Anhui Province also aims to enhance its digital economy, with plans to build a province-wide integrated data infrastructure platform and optimize the layout of computing infrastructure.

The report emphasized that Anhui Province will strive for accurate and true information in its economic and development plans. It also reminded readers that operations based on the information provided are at their own risk.

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