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Aspi, investments of 6.5 billion in four years in Emilia-Romagna

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Aspi, investments of 6.5 billion in four years in Emilia-Romagna

«In the next four years we will land a volume of interventions for 4 billion euros in Emilia-Romagna, almost double what has already been achieved in the last decade, for a total of 6.5 billion. The hub of Bologna, with the Passante in the middle, together with Florence and Genoa are the beating heart of Italy’s mobility and this is where the wealth of the country passes, because the productive assets are developed near the toll booths and live off road logistics. in a country like ours where the ratio between rail and road is 1 to 11 and where even doubling the railways does not solve the problem of congestion in the motorway network ».

With these words the CEO of Autostrade, Roberto Tomasi, also sends a clear message to the new Government, during the meeting in Viale Aldo Moro with the Governor of the Region Stefano Bonaccini to present the great works on the launch pad: the damage of not – making and resuming endless discussions on crucial infrastructures ready to start as early as the end of 2022, it is not only the time lost in the queue at the crossroads of Italy but the production opportunities that fade and relocate.

In addition to the one and a half billion for the Middle Passante (the only truly sustainable solution, that of enlargement on the motorway and ring road around Bologna, also in terms of the construction process, Aspi points out), the doubling of the A13 Ferrara-Bologna (more than 800 million interventions), the upgrading of the A14 between Bologna San Lazzaro and the branch for Ravenna (over 300 million works, plus 83.5 million for the North Coplanar) and the new ring road of Modena (60 million).

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A total of 2.7 billion investments “which will become almost 3 if we want to consider the impact of the price increase – explains Tomasi – and which are added to minor but no less important interventions to modernize the network. We will start at the end of this year with the construction of the Bologna bypass, which will be followed by work on the A13, all construction sites that we will close within three to four years ».

“Leave as soon as possible: in 2023 either you open the construction sites or I will intervene, not in this way, on the next occasions”, warns the president of the Region, for the fear shared by many that the right will call into question solutions already approved, financed and expected. for decades. «The commitments are scheduled – Bonaccini remarks – and the three works are fundamental for us and for the whole country, both in the axis towards Veneto and in that towards Romagna, in addition to the two very important motorway toll booths. We have seen with that of Valsamoggia what economic and social impact the toll booths have (over a billion investments, cutting-edge technologies and thousands of jobs from Philip Morris alone, ed.) ”. And the figure of + 3% of heavy traffic on our motorways compared to 2019, despite the country’s GDP is still below the pre-Covid situation, clearly shows the urgency to act and hurry.

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