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BancoPosta Thematic Universe: Opinions and Characteristics

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BancoPosta Thematic Universe: Opinions and Characteristics

Co-founder of Affari Miei

February 22, 2024

If you’ve heard of the BancoPosta Universo Tematico mutual fund and you want to know more to understand if it could be a solution suited to your needs, all you have to do is continue reading this article to discover all its features characteristicshis costsi advantages they disadvantages.

At the end of the article you will also find mine opinions about it, so you can have a clear and complete picture of the background.

Let’s start!

This article talks about:

Poste Italiane: here is a presentation

I do not think Italian post needs a lot of introduction given that it is one of the most solid and famous institutes in Italy, but I still want to say a few words to you.

The management company offering the product is BancoPosta Fondi SpA SGR: it belongs to the Poste Italiane group and is precisely the savings company that carries out both the establishment activities and the organization of the funds, the administration of relationships with participants and the activities connected to the management of the funds’ assets.

Poste Italiane has a network of over 12,700 post offices, 125 thousand employees and 35 million clients.

In 2015 it was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, and is 29.3% owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), 35% by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP).

The values ​​underlying its success are primarily customer satisfaction, trust and integration.

BancoPosta Thematic Universe: the characteristics

It is a fund flexible e multimanager which seeks to provide investors with capital growth by investing in megatrends.

The fund has an ESG approach, meaning the investment instruments are selected using sustainable finance criteria.

What are the megatrend?

They are long-term global trends, far-reaching social, economic, technological phenomena that influence the world on a global scale for a long period of time, which is often decades or more. They therefore represent driving forces of change that shape the future of society and the economy, and determine how we live, work and interact with the world around us.

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What he invests in

The fund therefore invests in the potential of companies that will drive future changes. The management aims, in particular, to benefit from growth potential in the medium to long term period expressed by those factors and themes that will be able to best interpret the new megatrends – such as, for example, planet, innovation and population – through a minimum equity exposure of 50%.

The sub-fund also invests in both passive instruments such as ETF than in active instruments, i.e. the best funds of third parties, through quantitative and qualitative analyses.


Given the management style adopted, it is not possible to identify a reference parameter (benchmark) representative of the fund’s investment policy, but it is possible to identify a measure of annualized volatility approximately equal to 13%.

How to subscribe to the fund

To subscribe to the fund you must go to or post Office and subscribe to the fund with the help of a consultant or online by accessing your personal area if you have a BancoPosta current account or a smart passbook.

As regards the investment methods, there are two and they are different from each other.

You can choose to make one-off payments (PIC) with a minimum initial amount of €5,000 and then you can continue to contribute with subsequent payments of €500.

You can also choose another path, namely that of the accumulation plan (PAC). You will make an initial payment of €50 with a periodic monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or semi-annual installment according to your needs, and then you can continue to pay another €50 or multiples for a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum of 12 years.

Don’t know how to invest?

Find out what kind of investor you are. Are enough 3 minutes to discover the best strategy for you.


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The risk profile

The risk for this fund is equal to 4 on a scale ranging from 1 to 7, so we are faced with a fund that has a medium risk.

This risk factor is also due to the fact that it invests in megatrends, which are in fact risky investments.


Now let’s analyze the costs of the fund, which you will always have to consider before making any investment decision in order to better understand whether it is a suitable fund for you and also to understand how these fees will impact your final return.

I entry costs they amount to 2% of the amount paid at the time of subscription and 2 euros in fixed fees.

As regards i exit costs they are equal to 2 euros of fixed fees.

The management fees they are the ones to keep an eye on as they are the ones that have a significant impact on the investment: they amount to 1.88% of the value of the investment per year.

I transaction costs instead they are 0.03% of the investment value per year. This is obviously an estimate of the costs incurred to buy or sell the underlying investments for the product.

The performance fees instead they are equal to €0.

Historical returns

Below I attach the graphic which I took directly from the official website and which shows the overview and performance of the fund, remembering that it does not have a real benchmark to replicate.

The fund currently has one positive performance pari al +4,6%.

Is it worth investing in BancoPosta Universo Tematico?

Before I begin and provide you with mine opinions Bottom line, I want to make a small premise: I don’t know you or your financial situation so what I’m about to tell you is not the absolute truth and above all it’s not investment advice.

These are tips that I will try to give you to help you make an in-depth reasoning that should help you make the best decision for you.

If you have already had the opportunity to read my other contributions about similar products, perhaps you will know my opinion: I consider mutual investment funds to be instruments with several critical issues, with many disadvantages and few advantages, especially if we look at the management costs which are often high and which pose a great barrier to entry: they lower ready to go your final performance.

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I believe that there are other better, more efficient and effective methods for investing: I can tell you about them for example ETF, passively managed funds that simply replicate a reference index and therefore you will not have to bear such high costs to invest in them. This could already be a first point in favor, as the costs are really the ones that impact on returns and therefore it could be a good starting point to eliminate them by choosing a tool capable of responding to this need.

These are my opinions about an investment of this type: I could advise you to think long and hard and look for other solutions.

If you are interested in a mutual fund because it allows you to invest with thehelp from a manager and you don’t feel capable of doing it on your own because you think you don’t have enough skills, then this could be the right solution for you. Even if you are looking for a fund that invests in megatrend and therefore regarding the opportunities of the future this could be a valid solution to consider.

Before saying goodbye I would like to leave you some resources useful for starting your investment journey:

Happy reading and see you soon!

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