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Bank loans “support” + Shanghai property market resumes Hong Kong stocks and real estate companies collectively rise! _Securities News_Stocks_Securities Star

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(Original title: Bank loans “support” + Shanghai property market resumes, Hong Kong stock real estate companies collectively rise!)

News from the Financial Associated Press on January 27 (edited by Zhou Xinyang)The Hong Kong real estate developers sector strengthened collectively.

According to the news, some real estate companies obtained RMB 50 million-equivalent fixed-term loan financing from banks; some projects appeared in the Shanghai real estate market, and some projects appeared in the scene of “thousands of people shaking numbers”.

Shares of Hong Kong real estate developers rose collectively

Country Garden (02007.HK) announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that on January 26, 2023, the company entered into a financing agreement as a borrower with the Hong Kong Branch of China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd., pursuant to which the original lender has agreed to provide the company with a maximum RMB term loan financing equivalent to US$50 million for a period of 36 months from the first drawdown date of the loan. Proceeds from the loan will be used by the Company to finance general working capital needs, including but not limited to refinancing outstanding debt.

Shanghai property market is expected to recover

According to the weekly (January 9, 2023 – January 15, 2023) opening data published by “Kerui Shanghai”, the hot and cold market of recent opening projects is still clearly differentiated, and popular projects and inner and middle ring projects are still in demand. Among the 7 projects that were opened for the week, Hongyinli in Jing’an and Gumei Huating in Minhang were all sold out.

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Hongyinli, which opened on January 12, 2023, reproduced the famous scene of “thousand people’s lottery”, and successfully “sunlight” with a very low rate of abandonment

In 2022, the popularity of new houses in Shanghai will exceed that of second-hand houses, and the ratio of new to old houses will be as high as 1:1.8, the highest in the past ten years. The second-hand housing market was affected by the supply of new houses and the transaction volume bottomed out. The annual transaction volume of second-hand housing was 160,000, the lowest in the past five years. However, from the end of 2022 and after New Year’s Day in 2023, home buyers are expected to start repairing.

Shanghai Centaline Real Estate market analyst Lu Wenxi said that at the beginning of 2022, driven by high supply, it will achieve a “high opening”. In January, the transaction area of ​​new houses in a single month was close to 1.3 million square meters, setting a peak for the whole year. Since then, the transaction has dropped rapidly all the way. Affected by the epidemic in April and May, the transaction has stagnated.

In June, the city quickly entered the state after pressing the “restart button”. The monthly batch of centralized supply provided good support, and the transaction volume exceeded 1 million square meters for several consecutive months. The stamina in the fourth quarter was slightly insufficient, and the transaction area in October dropped sharply. Fortunately, the transaction rebounded again in November.

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