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Baroni (Assolavoro): in 2023 with agencies +8.3% stable hiring

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Baroni (Assolavoro): in 2023 with agencies +8.3% stable hiring

«In 2023, workers through permanent employment agencies will record record growth: 8.3%, compared to a decline in fixed-term workers of 7.8%»: thus in a note from the president of Assolavoro, the National Association of Employment Agencies, Francesco Baroni, previews some sector data processed by the Assolavoro Datalab Observatory. «Workers on temporary contracts overall drop to 493 thousand (-3.6%) compared to those with a stable contract who reach the new historical peak, reaching 144 thousand, one in three. It should be highlighted that if the hours worked in agency services decreased to an extent almost identical to the reduction in total employment (-3.7%), the average salary recorded a small positive signal (+0.1%). This last data seems to confirm the tendency towards a recomposition of administration employment towards a greater use of more qualified profiles and professionalism with higher average salary levels. The average gross hourly salary in 2023 was equal to 14.5 euros per hour with an average gross monthly salary of 2000 euros”, explains Baroni.

«With agencies, employment contracts are more stable and guaranteed. 85% of those employed on permanent contracts last more than one year. Of the remaining 15% of workers who terminate their contract within the year, 10% return within 90 days with a permanent contract, 4% return with a fixed-term contract, and only 1% do not find a new one. occupation. Furthermore, employment agencies have always been a bulwark against illegal and irregular work which is estimated to involve around 3 million workers. In this regard, we appreciate the measures recently put in place by the Government to combat irregular work and we confirm the willingness of the Employment Agencies to actively collaborate on measures to help people emerge from irregular work, through the verification of skills, the integration with targeted training and guidance towards regular contracts and with all the protections of employed work, such as the provision of work”, concludes Baroni.

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