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BESTORE: Creating Good Taste with High-Quality Raw Materials

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BESTORE: Creating Good Taste with High-Quality Raw Materials

Good Raw Materials Make Good Taste: BESTORE Focuses on Quality and Innovation in Snack Food Market

In the era of the “fourth meal,” where leisure snacks are becoming increasingly popular, BESTORE, a top brand in the casual snacks industry, is making waves with its commitment to quality and continuous innovation. With annual sales of tens of billions, BESTORE understands that to win the market, they must prioritize the quality of their products.

According to a report by iiMedia Consulting, the snack food industry in China continues to grow, with the market size predicted to reach 1,165.4 billion yuan by 2024. As consumers become more discerning, their standards for evaluating the taste of a product are becoming more detailed. Factors such as taste, texture, origin of raw materials, processing methods, and overall eating experience play a crucial role in their choice.

BESTORE has been at the forefront of high-end and quality upgrading in the casual snacks industry. They have consistently explored and strengthened their basic skills to transform them into product advantages that resonate with consumers. Recently, they have introduced new products such as the Lianlianshangxin Sauce and Braised Series, Wild Mountain Bamboo Shoots, Seedless California Plum, and Sizzling Squid Shreds. Additionally, BESTORE has made significant investments in their supply chain by establishing a raw material base for wild bamboo shoots in Yunnan and a lo-mei research and development center.

The upgrading of traditional snacks through micro-innovation is a major trend in the industry. BESTORE understands the need to retain the durability and wide recognition of traditional snacks while breaking through the limitations of aging tastes and lack of freshness. Their new series of soy sauce and brine products exemplify this approach. By using a special formula without any preservatives, BESTORE has created a healthy and clean product that emphasizes the authentic taste of traditional Chinese flavors.

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To achieve these unique flavors, BESTORE has partnered with Shanghai Dingyu Foods and He Jihao, a renowned Chinese culinary master specializing in the development of sauce and stewed series. By combining the strengths of different regional flavors, they have created a new soy sauce series that is rich, sweet, and spicy. Furthermore, to ensure the flavor retention of their snacks, BESTORE has adopted a meticulous process of marinating, roasting, and stewing.

In addition to flavor and taste, BESTORE pays great attention to the selection of high-quality raw materials. For their sauce stew series, they use cherry valley ducks known for their high lean meat rate and fresh taste. The spices they use, such as Guizhou dried chili peppers, Sichuan Aba peppercorns, and Guangxi oil cinnamon bark, are recognized for their excellent quality. BESTORE believes that using good raw materials is essential to creating good taste.

The research and development team at BESTORE has dedicated years to perfecting their products. They have gone through tens of thousands of experiments to achieve the desired flavors. Despite already launching new products, the team continues to pursue even better taste and flavor. They are committed to making technological breakthroughs and conducting further research.

In addition to upgrading traditional categories, BESTORE also focuses on incorporating Chinese health-preserving raw materials into their snacks. The market for medicinal and food homology, where health-preserving ingredients are used in snacks, is showing a positive trend. BESTORE recognizes the demand for both the health benefits and convenience of these ingredients. As a result, they have introduced products such as the new red date whole wheat toast, which contains high-quality red date granules from Ruoqiang, Xinjiang. This addition enhances the taste and health value of the product.

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Over the years, BESTORE has consistently invested in research and development. In 2022 alone, they have allocated 50.55 million yuan for research and development, a significant increase from previous years. They have also strengthened their collaboration with external research and development resources, such as their partnership with Shanghai Dingyu Foods and the recent establishment of the “Lo-Mei R&D Center” with Jiujiuya.

BESTORE’s commitment to using quality raw materials and continuous innovation in their products is a testament to their dedication to providing consumers with the best taste and experience. As the snack food industry continues to grow, BESTORE is well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of consumers and maintain their position as a top brand in the market.

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