Home Business Bonomi: “200 euros does not solve the problem”. Landini: “We need more”

Bonomi: “200 euros does not solve the problem”. Landini: “We need more”

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Bonomi: “200 euros does not solve the problem”.  Landini: “We need more”

MILANO – The president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi rejects the one-off support of 200 euros arriving in July for incomes of less than 35 thousand euros. “It is undeniable that incomes below 35 thousand euros are suffering. Then we must take serious action. And it is not with the one-off € 200 that the problem is solved, because with a bill they are already finished”, he told the Festival of the Economy of Trento. “So – he added – it is appropriate to lower the cost of labor and put the money in the pockets of the Italians. And this is structural, the resources are there. If only this country pays one trillion in public spending”.

“We have proposed to cut taxes on labor, we are waiting for ideas from Orlando”

Bonomi then returned to attack the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando. “We have launched the pact for Italy, to achieve it you have to sit at a table. Our proposals are clear, I have not yet heard those of the others”, he said. “We propose – he added – to cut taxes on labor while I have not yet heard the proposals of Minister Orlando. When I receive a serious and detailed proposal, and if it is better than mine, I am ready to sign it”.

Table with trade unions and companies: Draghi opens the wages dossier

by Valentina Conte, Serenella Mattera

01 June 2022

“Minimum wage, our contracts already over 9 euros”

Speaking of the minimum wage, Bonomi clarified, “it is not a Confindustria issue. Confindustria contracts are all over 9 hours an hour. So we are neither against nor in favor of it. The minimum wage issue is how it will come. built”.

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Landini: “The 200 euros are not enough”

The secretary of the CGIL also spoke about the bonus 200 today Maurizio Landini. “The one-off 200 euros in paychecks decided by the government are not enough: we need to increase the taxation on extra-profits, increase the taxation on financial income and start a solidarity contribution whereby those who have more support those who have less. workers under 35 thousand euros in annual income are missing a month’s salary “, he said during the program” Half an hour more “, reiterating the union’s recipe to fight the economic crisis and increase wages.

According to Landini, political forces must reconnect with the world of work. “Either the parties and the Parliament are once again in tune with the world of work and with people who continue to pay taxes, otherwise they risk a lot, because when half of Italian citizens don’t go there, because they no longer feel represented, it should be a wake-up call for everyone, “he said. “I say that today even the richest people are feeling that they are feeling that the level of inequality that has been established risks calling the system into question,” added Landini.

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