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Bonus sight 2023, what it provides and how to request it

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Bonus sight 2023, what it provides and how to request it

MILAN. The view bonus is on the way. Also known as the glasses bonus, it had been announced by the Conte government but then lost track of it. A little while ago the green light for questions arrived. Refunds for purchases made in the past are also accepted. The interest is great, however there are stakes. What is it about? The Bonus guarantees a “one-off” contribution of 50 euros for the purchase of corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses (Law 178 of 30 December 2020) and is aimed at households with an ISEE income of less than 10 thousand euros. It can be requested starting today, 5 May 2023, via the webbonusvista.it platform following the instructions in the user manual published on the same site. How to apply Beneficiary citizens will be able to choose between two access methods. Those who have already purchased the goods eligible for the benefit before the opening of the Platform, i.e. from 1 January 2021 to 4 May 2023, can register on the Platform and request a refund which will be credited to the bank details indicated in the request.

The refund request must be submitted by 3 July 2023. Those who have not yet made the purchase as of 5 May 2023 can generate the voucher on the aforementioned platform and then use it at merchants accredited to the initiative. To obtain reimbursement of the vouchers, merchants will have to issue an electronic invoice according to the guidelines published on the Platform. The stakes The incentive is certainly of interest but the segment of the population that will be able to access this benefit is small. The limit is that it is aimed at families with a very low ISEE, up to 10,000 euros.

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