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Call center contracted by Tim, the unions knock on Mimit and strike on 18 March

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Call center contracted by Tim, the unions knock on Mimit and strike on 18 March

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A request for an urgent meeting at Mimit, combined with a day of strike in Tim’s contracted call centers for the entire day of March 18th. The TLC unions Slc Cgil, Fistel Cisl and Uilcom Uil are on alert regarding the call center sector. And in particular the alarm is about the reduction in volumes by the former monopolist, in its capacity as client.

The four companies

The state of alert concerns the impact on the activity of four companies that have Tim among their major customers: Abramo Cc in As (which has offices in Montalto Uffugo, Catanzaro, Crotone, Palermo); Ennova (Pomezia, Crotone, Cagliari); Distribution group (Rome, Matera, Palermo); Konecta (Livorno, Rende, Palermo, Olbia). “As announced during the last meeting on February 22, the situation in Tim’s customer care procurement system is degenerating month after month,” the organizations write.

Decline in volumes and shock absorbers

In Abramo «for the month of March a social safety net planning of approximately 60% was carried out. With a condition of total uncertainty also on the extension of the activities, taking into account that to date, despite political reassurances in this sense, the extraordinary commissioners have not provided any information in this regard”. As for Callmat of the Distribution Group “it has formally started the request for social safety net, awaiting a summons at the Ministry of Labour, with redundancy pay percentages starting from 30% with forecasts of an increase in future months”. Finally, Ennova and Konecta «announced drops in volumes on the various activities managed on behalf of the client Tim. In this phase the reduction in activity is managed with the use of contractual institutions which, ending soon, given the confirmation of the volumes communicated for the next few months, will make it inevitable that the request for access to social safety nets will be started”.

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1,500 workers at risk

This issue of Tim’s contracted call centers needs to be addressed urgently, the organizations say, given that the companies involved employ over 5 thousand workers. All in a context in which «between the requests for social safety nets already formalized and those that will be presented in the next few days, redundancies emerge for 1500 employees from March 2024 up to over 2000 by the end of the year»

Slc Cgil’s letter to the Government on Tim

Meanwhile, Slc Cgil wrote yesterday to the Minister of Labour, Marina Calderone, to the owner of Mimit Adolfo Urso and to the prime minister’s chief of staff, Gaetano Caputi, to request an update of the government table on TIM. A request made following the meeting on 29 February between the management of the former monopolist and the trade unions, called to discuss the expiry of social safety nets in the context of the failure to refinance the expansion contract.

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