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China CITIC Bank fully supports the Beijing Stock Exchange to build a comprehensive financial service specialization and new “little giant” enterprise

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Original title: China CITIC Bank fully supports the Beijing Stock Exchange to build a comprehensive financial service specialization and new “little giant” enterprise

On November 15, the Beijing Stock Exchange opened for trading.

China CITIC Bank President Fang Heying said that the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange is a major deployment made by the Party Central Committee to implement the new development concept of the capital market and an important measure to implement the national innovation-driven development strategy. As a state-owned financial enterprise, CITIC Bank has been adhering to the country’s feelings of serving the country through industry and fulfilling the mission of serving the real economy for more than 30 years. It has built innovative coverage around cutting-edge innovation, independent and controllable, domestic substitution, low-carbon emission reduction and other fields. The comprehensive financial service plan for the whole life cycle of the enterprise has reached 20% of the service coverage of the specialized and new “little giant” enterprise.

In recent years, CITIC Bank has given full play to the unique advantages of CITIC Group’s “finance + industry”, innovated the synergy model, established the “CITIC Synergy+” brand image, and continued to release the potential and value of CITIC Synergy. Utilizing the full financial license resources of CITIC Group, CITIC Bank has established a differentiated competitive advantage in serving innovative enterprises. On the one hand, build a comprehensive financial service system that is “more than just credit”, including providing consulting, introducing industrial capital, grafting financial resources, setting up equity investment funds, and other open and inclusive financial service ecosystems. For example, it has established a joint service team with CITIC Securities and CITIC Construction Investment to conduct collaborative marketing and common services around specialized and new “little giant” enterprises to help companies connect with the capital market as soon as possible to achieve leap-forward development; collaborate with Jinshi Investment and CITIC Construction Investment institutions such as investment capital and CITIC Industrial Fund provide companies with financing services that combine stocks and debts to help companies attract high-quality background shareholders.

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On the other hand, CITIC Bank continues to improve its investment and research capabilities in broad categories of industries and subdivisions, covering key areas such as new generation information technology, high-end equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, medicine and medical care, and new materials, forming a research-driven business Strategies to promote the development and service of specialized and new “little giant” enterprises. Focusing on various financing scenarios in the corporate growth cycle, CITIC Bank plays the role of resource integration and value judgment, and cooperates with various financial institutions to provide products such as credit, transaction banking, equity incentives, IPO services, and capital market refinancing. At present, CITIC Bank A number of innovative products have been launched with growth-stage technology and innovation enterprises as the core, including credit loans for technology innovation enterprises, investment-linked loans developed around mainstream private equity institutions, option loans with strong equity value-added space, and large-scale securities firms’ counseling before listing Listed loans, entrepreneurial loans for talents with professional and technical background. In addition, in order to effectively improve the financing quality and efficiency of technology-based small and micro enterprises, China CITIC Bank also launched an all-online, pure credit “Technology e-loan” data financing service to provide scientific and technological small and micro enterprises with financial ecological support covering the entire life cycle. , Deeply empowering the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of “Intelligent Manufacturing in China”.

Since 2021, China CITIC Bank has conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and has continued to deepen and improve the financial service system for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. The first is to strengthen the role of the evaluation baton, and use the service technology and innovation enterprises as the comprehensive performance evaluation indicators of the branches to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the operating institutions. The second is to set up special credit lines and special comprehensive financing lines for strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing. The third is to formulate approval policies for sub-industries in accordance with the characteristics of regional industries, and implement a rapid scoring card approval system for key industries in key areas. The fourth is to implement special preferential interest rate policies that are ahead of the industry for strategic emerging industries and green finance. Fifth, set up a financial service team for science and innovation enterprises to provide full-time services for small and medium-sized science and innovation enterprises, and at the same time, grant “scientific and technological exclusive branches” in the economic function areas where science and innovation enterprises gather, and specialize in science and innovation customers for public business. The sixth is to set up a special reward fund to reward the development of science and technology enterprise customers.

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In the future, China CITIC Bank will fully support the development and construction of the Beijing Stock Exchange, strengthen the precise drip irrigation and gradient layout for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, and help technology companies move up from the credit market to the capital market, and contribute to the high-quality development of the Chinese economy. Greater strength.


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