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China Securities Regulatory Commission Symposium Analyzes Capital Market Situation and Boosts Investor Confidence

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Title: Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission Holds Symposium to Boost Capital Market and Investor Confidence

In a bid to analyze the current market situation and seek ways to activate the capital market while boosting investor confidence, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) recently organized a symposium on securities fund private equity institutions. The event was held to study and implement the key points discussed during the Central Political Bureau meeting held on July 24.

During the symposium, representatives from various securities fund private equity institutions acknowledged the substantial rebound and improvement in China’s economic performance since the beginning of the year. They believe that this positive momentum has laid a solid foundation for achieving the annual economic goals and tasks.

To further support the upward trajectory, the CSRC has implemented a series of policy measures aimed at expanding domestic demand, increasing confidence, and mitigating risks. With these measures in place, the delegates expressed optimism that China’s economy will continue to improve.

Over the past five years, the CSRC has consistently pursued progress while maintaining stability. Simultaneously, the commission has led the reform of the registration system and actively promoted a new wave of comprehensive reforms in the capital market. These reforms have facilitated profound structural changes and brought about significant improvements in various aspects of the capital market.

Notably, despite operating in a complex and challenging environment, the capital market has continued to function normally. It has effectively supported technological innovation and major national strategies, significantly improved the quality of listed companies, and optimized investor structures. Additionally, breakthroughs have been made in the rule of law and basic institutions in the market, reducing risks and enhancing the overall market ecology.

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The symposium participants, which included securities fund private equity institutions, acknowledged their commendable development during this period. They unanimously agreed that the stable operation of the current capital market is built on a robust foundation and will maintain a long-term positive trend.

In light of this, the representatives pledged to boost their spirits and enhance their capabilities. They expressed their commitment to actively integrate into the general economic and social situation, accelerate innovation and development, and better serve the real economy and investors. The aim is to contribute to the high-quality development of the capital market.

The CSRC remains determined to further stimulate the capital market and boost investor confidence through various measures. With the positive outlook and the collective efforts of industry institutions, the Chinese capital market is poised for sustained growth and overall economic development.

Overall, the symposium served as a vital platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas, discuss market trends, and establish a unified approach towards building a stronger and more resilient capital market in China.

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