Home Business China Super Holdings and its actual controller are investigated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission for alleged violations of laws and regulations

China Super Holdings and its actual controller are investigated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission for alleged violations of laws and regulations

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Original title: Suspected violation of laws and regulations China Super Holdings(Rights protection) and the actual controller were investigated by the Securities Regulatory Commission. Source: Economic Information Daily

China Super HoldingsA few days agoannouncementIt was disclosed that the company and the company’s actual controller Yang Fei received the notice from the China Securities Regulatory Commission on November 22. Because the company and Yang Fei were suspected of violations of information disclosure, the China Securities Regulatory Commission decided to file an investigation in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. As of the close of November 23,China Super HoldingsThe limit fell and closed at 2.88 yuan.

China Super HoldingsEarlier this month, I also received a letter of concern issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. According to the content, the company disclosed an announcement on October 30 that the wholly-owned subsidiary “Changfeng Cable” intends to transfer part of the idle land, houses, equipment and other assets to the Guanlin Town People’s Government of Yixing City. The value of the transferred assets and compensation fees totaled 122.8251 million. Yuan. The letter of concern requires the company to supplement the details of idle assets, original book value, net value, debts involved, etc., the source of idle assets and previous use status, the start time of idleness and the main reasons for idleness, and the sale of the aforementioned assets to Changfeng Cable Whether the daily production and operation constitute an impact, and the specific impact of this transaction on the company’s current and future financial status.At the same time, the company is required to clarify whether the ownership of the relevant assets is clear, whether the title certificate is complete, whether there is a set mortgage orPledgeWait for the situation.

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In response to the letter of concern from China Super Holdings, it stated that in addition to the aforementioned long-term assets, Changfeng Cable also disposed of part of the accounts receivable. This part of the accounts receivable involved 6 units, and the book balance was 33,494,900 as of the assessment base date. Yuan. As most of the accounts receivable have a long aging and are not easy to be recovered smoothly, after negotiation, after removing some of the funds, they are sold and transferred as a package with the aforementioned long-term assets.Since most of the aforementioned assets sold by Changfeng Cable are in idle state, the disposal of the assets will not affect Changfeng Cable’s daily production and operation. After the completion of this transaction, it will be more conducive to revitalizing long-term idle assets and improving the company’s cash. Flow, and is expected to increaseNet profitAnd increase net assets. In the future, there is no need to bear the depreciation and amortization of this part of the assets, which will increase the use value of the company’s assets, which will help increase efficiency.

Public information shows that China Super Holdings is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of wires and cables.

(Source: Economic Information Daily)

Article source: Economic Information Daily

Original title: Suspected violation of laws and regulations in the letter disclosure, China Super Holdings and the actual controller were filed for investigation by the China Securities Regulatory Commission

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