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Concept Tracking | The performance of express delivery companies continued to rise in July!Industry development is picking up, it is recommended to pay attention to industry leaders (with concept stocks) | Epidemic_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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Concept Tracking | The performance of express delivery companies continued to rise in July!Industry development is picking up, it is recommended to pay attention to industry leaders (with concept stocks) | Epidemic_Sina Finance_Sina.com

On August 18, major express delivery companies have released their July business briefings. The data shows that the performance of the express delivery industry continues to improve, and the development of the industry is picking up. According to national evidence data, in July, the business volume of national express delivery service enterprises completed 9.65 billion pieces, an increase of 8.0% year-on-year; business income reached 89.82 billion yuan, an increase of 8.6% year-on-year.Haitong InternationalSecurities said that the impact of the epidemic has gradually faded, and the express delivery industry has accelerated its recovery. The volume of express delivery business in July increased year-on-year. Benefiting from the slowdown of the industry price war in the short and medium term, it is expected to achieve better profit performance in the whole year of 2022. In the long run, the bank judges that the scale effect and investment in automation equipment will promote the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of express delivery companies, and the industry will gradually shift from price-driven to price-driven. Value-driven, the express delivery sector as a whole still has room for growth, and it is recommended to focus on e-commerce and business leaders. Related concept stocks: Shentong Express (002468.SZ), SF Holding (002352.SZ), Yuantong Express (600233.SH), Yunda Shares (002120.SZ).

Judging from the operating data of express companies, STO Express, SF Holding, YTO Express, and Yunda Co., Ltd. all achieved growth in their business income in July, reaching 2.887 billion yuan (a year-on-year increase of 63.74%), 22.951 billion yuan (a year-on-year increase of 54.69%), and 3.853 billion yuan respectively. RMB 3.985 billion (up 36.25% year-on-year) and RMB 3.985 billion (up 25.79% year-on-year). Among them, the single ticket revenue of SF Express was 16.02 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.23%, ranking first, much higher than the other three companies. The remaining three express companies’ express single-ticket revenue remained at around 2.5 yuan.

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In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of my country’s e-commerce market, the annual business volume of express delivery in my country has continued to grow rapidly at a rate of 10 billion pieces per year, and the industry scale has ranked first in the world for many consecutive years. According to data from the State Post Bureau, from January to July, the total business volume of express delivery service enterprises nationwide completed 60.86 billion pieces, a year-on-year increase of 4.3%; business income accumulated to 588.04 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.7%. Among them, the intra-city business volume has completed a total of 7.31 billion pieces, a year-on-year decrease of 4.9%; the off-site business volume has completed a total of 52.52 billion pieces, a year-on-year increase of 6.3%.

According to the 2021 2IPD ranking data, Switzerland tops the list again, slightly behind Germany (2nd, 93 points) and Austria (3rd, 91 points), while China ranks 25th with a score of 61.5. It can be seen that there is still a big gap between China’s express delivery level and the world’s developed express delivery countries. The growing digitization and the accelerated growth of e-commerce are driving the growth of consumer demand, which is extremely resilient. increase.

In terms of policy, on August 12, the State Post Bureau and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued a plan to implement the vocational skills improvement project in the postal express delivery industry. Promote the construction of multi-level occupational standards, accelerate the development of new occupations (types of work) and national occupational standards in express delivery, and improve industry talent information services. In-depth implementation of the “151” postal and express delivery industry employees’ vocational skills improvement action, that is, by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, a total of no less than 1 million subsidized vocational skills training will be carried out; newly acquired vocational qualification certificates or vocational skills grade certificates will not be Less than 500,000 person-times, including 100,000 new high-skilled personnel.

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Essence Securities pointed out that the volume of express delivery industry grew by 8% in July, the demand rebounded month-on-month, the price dropped slightly month-on-month, and the off-season performance was in line with expectations. , The price is expected to continue to repair.

CITIC SecuritiesIt was pointed out that the month-on-month decline in the express delivery industry business volume in July narrowed by 2.3pcts compared to last year, which was in line with expectations, of which the year-on-year decline in Shanghai shipments narrowed by 17.7pcts. It is expected that the epidemic control in Yiwu will objectively increase the cost of contract performance. The peak season is approaching, superimposed policies will not be relaxed, repeated epidemics and high oil prices will raise costs. It is expected to form rigid support for prices. Yuantong’s digital management is another step forward, and the new function of the housekeeper “Direct Headquarters” has added a digital tool. It is recommended to pay attention to the incidental impact and bring about the opportunity of leading express delivery.

Related concept stocks:

STO Express (002468.SZ): A benchmark enterprise in the express delivery industry. The entire network of transshipment centers has realized the use of environmentally friendly bags to build packages, and has established a huge domestic business organization for information collection, market development, logistics and distribution, and express delivery.

SF Holding (002352.SZ): The leading integrated logistics service provider in China and the fourth largest express delivery company in the world. A well-managed business model.

Yuantong Express (600233.SH): a national 5A-level logistics enterprise, which led the construction of the first national engineering laboratory in the field of logistics, with a coverage rate of 96.1% in cities above the county level.

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Yunda Express (002120.SZ): Focusing on express delivery business, it also includes abundant peripheral product lines such as supply chain, international, cold chain, etc., and continues to build a comprehensive express logistics service provider.

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