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Court of Auditors: “Simplifying the rules of the Pnrr? It’s a gift to the mafias”

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Court of Auditors: “Simplifying the rules of the Pnrr? It’s a gift to the mafias”

Court of Auditors, the notice to the government on the “tax shield” for the Pnrr

In Italia the alarm went off for the Pnrrnot just for fear of failing to center all the goals Europeans and at the risk of lose fundsbut especially for the danger from the mafia infiltration in tenders. “They are not here never been so many resources like right now. It’s not possible – says Paola Briguoripresident of the Magistrates Association of the Court of Auditors to the Republic – which, right now, yes lighten i check on who manages them”. Briguiri has been trying for weeks to explain in all forums, starting with the institutional ones, why the extension to 31 December 2025 of the “revenue shield” for public administrators it is illegitimate and puts you at risk the whole management of the public funds, not only those of the Pnrr. The fear is, as the President of the Court, Guido, underlined on the occasion of the inauguration of the judicial year Pug “through situations favorable to the dispersion of public resources” it is also possible to create “a favorable climate for the infiltration from the organized crime“.

Dai Common – continues Repubblica – rather it arrives there request Of procedure clear and slim. A position not too far from that of the Court of Auditors: “If there is a problem with the fear of signatures, we can intervene with a structured reform on tax liability and we can start adopting more streamlined rules on administrative activity. – Paola Briguori agrees –. But there cannot be a discipline which would introduce areas of impunity in the management of those resources for which Europe will ask us to account“. The extension to 2025 of the rule wanted by the Conte government (and which would expire on 30 June this year) to make the start of the Pnrrsurpassing the “fear of signing” of public officials and administrators, had been initially envisaged in the decree One thousand extensions, then it was not entered. Now the government is studying a new one decree per confirm it.

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