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Cryptocurrencies, a study reveals that they are more popular in Italy than in the rest of Europe

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the cryptovalute people like them Italians, who look at them with a major optimism compared to citizens of other European countries. The trend emerged from a report produced on the subject by Coinbase, a global platform that provides access to the crypto-economy.

The optimism of the Bel Paese

The study revealed that theItaly is among the most optimistic countries on the impact of cryptovalute: well he 72% of Italians who own or have owned cryptocurrencies believe they will have a positive impact on society. Spaniards and Italians, however, have less confidence in traditional financial institutions (respectively 45% and 38% of the interviewees).

The study in Europe

In partnership with Qualtrics, an independent company of Research, Coinbase interviewed more than 8000 consumers in major European markets, in order to better understand the opinions and knowledge of cryptovalute in Europe. The findings underscore that digital currencies have become part of everyday conversations. In fact, among the largest European economies, about half (47%) of the consumers surveyed talked to their friends and / or family members about cryptocurrencies. In particular in Italy it was found that 58% of Italians are aware of the existence of cryptocurrencies.

Italians and crypto

What does this mean in terms of owning cryptovalute? Currently, at least one third of the consumers Italians (29%) who is familiar with cryptocurrencies, owns or has owned these digital currencies. In Europe, the ownership rate is particularly high in the Netherlands and Spain, at 38% and 46% respectively.

Know to invest

The Research of Coinbase also indicates a correlation positive between knowledge from the cryptovalute they investments in this asset class – the more customers become aware of digital currencies, the more likely they are to buy them. This is also true in Italy where it is also highlighted that more than half of the Italian customers who have invested in this sector (54%) want to increase the shares in their portfolios in the next year.

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The novelty in the portfolio

It is important to emphasize, to give a Square full of the situation, which about the half of the interviewees (49%), claimed to have purchased cryptovalute from 2019 onwards. The Italians they are therefore investing for the first time in this asset class, mainly buying cripto more well-known, to the point that as many as 79% of those who responded to the survey said they own Bitcoin.

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