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Dacia renews its identity and grows by 12% on the private Italian market

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Dacia renews its identity and grows by 12% on the private Italian market

A year of renewal and growth has been 2022 for Dacia. The brand of the group Renault has completed the modernization of its visual identity on all the cars in the range and in the showrooms and, hand in hand, important sales figures have been recorded with an increase in 12% compared to the previous twelve months.
The essentiality of the new brand identity
The transition to the new brand identity represents a milestone for the brand which, to date, proudly displays a new form of modernity, based on a more pragmatic and essential vision of the automobile. And, as commented by Guido Tucci, Managing Director Dacia Italy, «Dacia continues its rise in the Italian market, achieving excellent results and positioning itself in 4th place on the car market for sales to private customers. Its increasingly modern look thanks to the new brand identity and its concrete approach make Dacia one of the most desired brands because
meets and satisfies the real needs of customers. Dacia has remained true to itself over time, without changing the values ​​that have led it to success, and has been able to find the right formula to win over consumers: the right mix of essential, accessible and captivating cars». And with regards to upcoming technologies, he continues “We are satisfied with the performance of our range and we can’t wait to discover the first hybrid engine from Dacia, the Hybrid 140 on the Jogger, soon available at dealerships. An eco-smart approach is essential for facing the mobility of the future, of which Dacia is committed to being the protagonist”.

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Commercial results 2022: Dacia grows by 12%

Despite the period of renewal, Dacia continues to grow in Italy conquering a position and gaining fourth place on the car market of private customer sales. In 2022 Dacia recorded 64,259 private car registrations, an increase of 12% compared to 2021 in a private car market declining by 16%. With these performances, Dacia establishes itself as the third best-selling foreign brand in Italy with its Sandero and Duster models which are always in the top positions: the former confirms itself as the best-selling foreign car in the private car market with 32,979 registrations ; the second is in the Top 5 of cars sold to private customers with 22,982 registrations. Duster also conquers the third position as the best-selling foreign car to private individuals.

Electrification and LPG: excellent results on the Italian market

The electrification of the Dacia brand makes its way with Spring, the 100% electric city car, which ranks first in the market for electric cars sold to private individuals. Jogger, marketed from March 2022, registers in just over nine months 8,129 orders and is preparing to launch its version Hybrid 140 , the first hybrid engine in the history of Dacia. While on the LPG side, with 44,699 registrations and a market share of over 36%, Dacia confirms its leadership in this market. The Eco-G 100 engine is the most chosen by customers with a sales mix of 70%.

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