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Discuss new trends together, accumulate new potential energy, and create a win-win solution for big health and ecological symbiosis

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Discuss new trends together, accumulate new potential energy, and create a win-win solution for big health and ecological symbiosis

Discuss new trends together, accumulate new potential energy, and create a win-win solution for big health and ecological symbiosis

On August 6, Taikang Insurance Group’s 2nd Big Health Ecological Investment Partner Conference, as one of the important forums of the World Big Health Expo, was grandly held during the Wuhan Health Expo. A total of more than 200 important internal and external guests, including founders and executives of more than 100 invested companies, leading medical funds, and leading industry institutions, as well as leaders of Taikang Insurance Group and various subsidiaries, attended the meeting. Chen Dongsheng, founder, chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance Group, and the big health ecological partners gathered together to discuss new trends in the development of the industry, share new potential for cooperation, and work together to create a win-win solution for the symbiosis of the big health ecology. With the Taikang Dental brand launch ceremony, Xinnaotai product plan release and high-level face-to-face exchanges as highlights, this conference is committed to building China‘s “JP Morgan Healthcare Conference” and becoming an influential event in the investment industry.

Ride the wind, accumulate energy, and win-win

Chairman Chen Dongsheng expounded the value and concept of Taikang’s big health ecology and health closed-loop from a strategic perspective with the title of “Era Changes and Big Health Ecological Investment”.

Chen Dongsheng said that the investment ecology is the most important strategic sector of Taikang. The core of the investment ecology is to invest in entrepreneurs, invest in entrepreneurship, and firmly develop together with the invested companies. In the future, more resources should be combined to turn the conference into the most important capital platform in the world‘s health industry, connecting business and capital opportunities.

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Chen Dongsheng pointed out that today’s era of pure capital has passed, and it is difficult to succeed without synergistic effects and industrial resources to carry out synergistic and co-construction investments. I believe that in the future, Taikang’s ecosystem will grow vigorously and flourish.

According to Liu Tingjun, President and Chief Operating Officer of Taikang Insurance Group, the reform of payment methods has pushed the big health industry into a new era of efficiency revolution. , supply chain synergy and big health technology to promote investment synergy, and build a post-investment resource support platform.

Duan Guosheng, executive vice president and chief investment officer of Taikang Insurance Group, believes that my country’s medical and health industry has a huge future space, and it has the basic conditions for the high-end development of the industrial chain. Taikang seizes the opportunity of industrial restructuring, focuses on the structural investment opportunities of “three new and one number”, and helps to create a healthy closed loop through self-built system and investment layout, and builds the ecological layout of the “general contractor” of the core track.

Song Donglei, founder of Donglei Brain Department and president of Shanghai Donglei Brain Hospital, shared the history and achievements of Taikang Donglei collaboration, emphasizing that collaboration needs to be built on two foundations, the first is ideological emphasis and gene integration, and the second is organization Guarantee, realize vertical docking, horizontal development, and win-win innovation in product design.

In the roundtable forum session, investors focused on the medical field and entrepreneurs in all aspects of the industrial chain, focusing on “full life cycle health management in the age of longevity”, and launched professional, pragmatic and exciting point-of-view sharing and collisions.

Two highlights of the conference: launch ceremony and high-level face-to-face communication

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The conference featured Taikang Dental brand launch ceremony, Xinnaotai insurance product release and high-level face-to-face communication. The launch of “Taikang Dental” will provide new development momentum for Taikang’s large health ecosystem. The ecological products represented by Xinnaotai The system improves the core competitiveness of Taikang products, and high-level face-to-face communication promotes in-depth ecological communication and business cooperation.

Taikang Dental Brand Release and Taikang Dental Wuhan Henglong Clinic Opening Ceremony kicked off. As a new high-end dental brand launched by Taikang, “Taikang Dental” is positioned as “a quality oral health management expert around you”, and is committed to providing customers with the High-end oral health management services throughout the life cycle. At the meeting, “Taikang Dental” released a total of 6 service products with “Oral Health Management Concept” as the core, including “Youya Family”, “Beautiful Teeth Baby”, and “Healthy Teeth Care for the Elderly Card”. Covers all basic oral health needs of family members from children to the elderly. As a new scene of Taikang’s super experience in the field of oral cavity, and an important layout of the “Medical Care and Health Care” sector – specialized medical care, the launch of “Taikang Oral” will provide new development momentum for Taikang’s large health ecosystem, and will further deepen the synergy effect , to help the construction of Taikang’s key specialty of stomatology.

The “Xinnaotai Product Plan” launched by Taikang Life is the first aneurysm surgery insurance product in the market, and it is also the first landing product of Taikang adhering to the group company’s “longevity era” big health strategy. In the era of longevity, brain diseases and cardiovascular diseases are common diseases of middle-aged and elderly customers. Taikang provides customers with comprehensive protection in this regard, so that customers can achieve healthy pensions, vitality pensions, and guarantee the quality of life. Behind this insurance product are the high-quality medical resources that Taikang Group has been focusing on building, including Sanbo Brain Hospital, Shanghai Donglei Brain Hospital, and Taikang’s five major medical consortia. In the future, Taikang will continue to develop more “Xinnaotai” series of products by leveraging the advantages of medical insurance synergy and health closed-loop.

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In addition, in order to promote in-depth ecological synergy and promote business cooperation and innovation, this conference set up a “high-level face-to-face” exchange session. Executives of a number of companies that have invested or are planning to invest in offline exchanges with Taikang management, business departments, investment teams, etc., in the fields of medical system cooperation and co-construction, medical supply chain coordination, differentiated insurance product development, and capital investment cooperation. Communicate and discuss, build China‘s “JP Morgan Healthcare Conference”, and link to more business resources.

Taikang adheres to an open and win-win mentality, and looks forward to building an ecosystem with partner companies, continuing to cooperate and collaborate, making breakthroughs and innovations, and jointly depicting a new chapter in the big health industry.

In the future, Taikang will continue to embrace the era of longevity, build a closed loop of longevity, a closed loop of health, and a closed loop of wealth around “payment + service”, strengthen medical-insurance collaboration, and work with leading companies in the field of big health to create ecological win-win solutions.

The 2nd Big Health Ecological Investment Partner Conference was hosted by the Investment Management Department of the Group, and co-organized by the Group’s Market Products Department and Taikang Bybo.

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