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The most “social” channels and TV programs of July

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The most “social” channels and TV programs of July

I’m Beats Live 2022 (Mediaset), Verissimo (Mediaset), Che tempo che fa (Rai) for free to air, Calciomercato – The original (Sky) per le pay tv e Stranger Things (Netflix) among the OTTs, the television content aired in July most commented on by Italians.

This is what emerges from the continuous monitoring of Social TV carried out on 51 broadcasters in Italy by Talkwalker, a multinational consumer intelligence company.

The general ranking of July 2022 sees Battiti Live 2022 in first place with 754 thousand interactions (79.4 thousand on Facebook, 561 thousand on Instagram, 113.5 thousand on Twitter), followed by Verissimo with 725 thousand interactions (157 thousand on Facebook and 568 thousand on Instagram). Che Tempo Che Fa closes the podium with 705.5 thousand interactions of which 424 thousand registered on Facebook, 245 thousand on Instagram and 37 thousand on Twitter.

First among the pay channels Calciomercato – The original that is placed at fourth place with 659 thousand total interactions (537 thousand on Instagram and 121.5 thousand on Twitter) ahead of Tim Summer Hits with 640 thousand interactions (189 thousand on Facebook, 375.5 thousand on Instagram and 75 thousand on Twitter).

Among the programs aired on streaming platforms, Strangers Things stands out first of all, ranking 6th in the general ranking and first among OTT publishers, i.e. all those broadcasters offering content via the Internet, with a total of 507 thousand interactions, of 6,000 on Facebook, 324,000 on Instagram, 167,000 on Twitter and 10,000 on YouTube. Followed by The Skywalker Saga (Disney +) in 10th place with 281.5 thousand total interactions (698 on Facebook, 2.7 thousand on Instagram and 278 thousand on Twitter). In third place among the OTTs and 12th in the overall ranking Skam Italia (Netflix) with 218 thousand interactions (4.2 thousand on Facebook, 171 thousand on Instagram, 39 thousand on Twitter and 3.5 on YouTube).

In ranking by “channels” also in July an exploit by Sky which places 4 channels in the TOP5. First Sky Sport Uno (Pay TV) which totaled 28 million total interactions (615 thousand on Facebook, 26 million on Instagram, 1.1 million on Twitter and 172 thousand on YouTube), followed by Sky Sport F1, with 9 million interactions ( 351 thousand on Facebook, 8.7 million on Instagram and 40 thousand on Twitter) and in third place by Netflix with 5.2 million interactions (165 thousand on Facebook, 4.6 million on Instagram, 429 thousand on Twitter and 32 thousand on Youtube). The TOP5 is closed by SkyTG24 (Free to Air), with 3.4 million interactions (1.4 million on Facebook, 1.9 million on Instagram and 96 thousand on Twitter) and Sky Sport Arena with just over 3 million interactions ( 3 million on Instagram and 2 thousand on Twitter).

This is probably the most interesting of those made available by Talkwalker since the buzz on social networks amplifies the notoriety of the pay channels programs increasing, all conditions being equal, the possibility of reaching an interested public who subscribes.

Finally, taking into consideration, instead, the three main allnews channels SkyTG24 brings home 3.4 million interactions (of which 1.4 million on Facebook, 1.9 million on Instagram and 96 thousand on Twitter), Mediaset TgCom24 2 , 9 million interactions (2.4 million on Facebook, 470 thousand on Instagram and 70 thousand on Twitter) and therefore RaiNews24 with 459 thousand interactions (311 thousand on Facebook, 107 thousand on Instagram and 41 thousand on Twitter).

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