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Earth Day, the wind turbines of the Federico II have completed their tests

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Earth Day, the wind turbines of the Federico II have completed their tests

The company is currently awaiting issuance of the industrial invention patent for the Hydraspar design. The research group is working on the scaling-up of the platform and on the design of an optimized configuration for wind turbine installations in the Mediterranean Sea.

«The floating platform developed – the consortium explains – is composed of a central body of cylindrical shape and inclined columns that extend upwards, outside the waterline of the system, to form a sort of umbrella configuration. The inclined columns are connected to the central body via hinges, which allow you to change the angle of inclination».

Innovative structure

The inclined columns, which have the function of providing buoyancy and stabilizing the platform under the action of wind and waves, make it possible to maximize stability while minimizing weight and, therefore, construction costs.

The connection of the structural components via hinges, on the other hand, will allow the vertical columns to be aligned with the central body during transport, minimizing the overall dimensions and therefore allowing the use of smaller boats, in any case reducing transport and installation costs and times .

Furthermore, the hinges allow the construction of elements of limited dimensions, which are subsequently assembled. «This modularity of the design reduces the construction costs, which will require more limited spaces and more easily available equipment – conclude the managers of the consortium -. Finally, within certain limits, the same platform can be easily adapted to the specific case, simply by changing the position of the central hinges, or it can be easily scaled and remodulated, thanks to the simplicity of the construction elements».

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