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Ex Ilva, union tensions and suspension of two employees for comments on social media

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A case arises for the two ArcelorMittal employees of the Taranto steel plant suspended from work by the company, by way of disciplinary action, because they shared a post inviting you to see the fiction broadcast on Canale 5 “Wake up my love” with Sabrina Ferilli as protagonist main, screenplay by Ricky Tognazzi and Simona Izzo. The fiction is not made in Taranto, nor does it explicitly mention Taranto, however it speaks of a steel mill (Ghisal), of the damage that its pollution causes to the environment and of the serious illness (leukemia) contracted by a child. In these elements, a series of similarities with the events of Taranto were seen. ArcelorMittal states that the two workers were suspended not for sharing the post, but because they denigrated the company.

The position of ex Ilva

«He shared on his bulletin board, spreading among a group of about 400 people, expressions seriously damaging to the image of the company reputation, exceeding the right of criticism» writes ArcelorMittal in the disciplinary measure. “These measures were adopted not for having commented on the fiction“ Wake up my love ”, but for having denigrated the company itself and its management, also through statements of a harmful and threatening nature” ArcelorMittal points out. For Fiom CGIL, which asks ArcelorMittal to revoke the disciplinary measures, “the company contested the invitation to the workers, quoting the post shared on social media, to watch the mini series” Wake up my love “claiming that they would used expressions that are seriously damaging to the corporate image and reputation “.

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The trade union position

“As if – affirms Francesco Brigati of Fiom – the corporate image and reputation were not already heavily compromised by bad corporate management that has generated irreparable fractures with the city, with the workers of ArcelorMittal and the world of contracts”. Fiom also poses the case to the Government and invites it to intervene for the crisis of the company (the payment of 400 million by Invitalia for the purposes of the State’s entry into the capital with 50% control of governance is on standby) he affirms that “time passes inexorably in a climate of uncertainty for the future of thousands of workers” with “a city tired of waiting”. “Faced with the suspension from work adopted by ArcelorMittal Italia against some employees of the Taranto site, like Fim Cisl, we consider the punishment inflicted by the company unjustified and groundless, especially in a difficult context such as the current one” he declares the secretary Biagio Prisciano. And for the Usb union, the workers “only shared the screenshot without expressing any negative or positive opinion on the management of the steel mill”. This is, Usb notes, a post within a closed Facebook group and “any information on the closed profile disclosed to third parties constitutes a violation of the right to privacy and private correspondence”. More drastic is the Municipality of Taranto, for which ” ArcelorMittal has managed to trample on the sacrosanct right of every person, worker or not, to express their thoughts which is a right enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ”. Paolo Castronovi, Councilor for the Environment who intervenes for the Municipality, cites both Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 21 of the Italian Constitution on freedom of thought and argues that “in that” all “there are also the workers of ArcelorMittal ”. “The top management of ArcelorMittal – notes the Municipality of Taranto – should rather think of listening to the workers and an entire city that have been asking for respect for years”. The local authority also announced support for the two suspended employees, “supporting every initiative in their defense”.

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The actress Simona Izzo, who together with Ricky Tognazzi created the TV drama “Wake up my love”, has meanwhile posted on her social profiles the photo of the leading actress, Sabrina Ferilli, with the written “Forbidden to share”. In the background, plants of a steel mill can be seen and the ArcelorMittal company logo is shown at the top left of the image and finally, under the name of the company, the title of the fiction scheduled on Canale 5 is inserted. in the posts, he refers to the suspension of workers because they shared the posts on fiction and comments: “The dramaturgy certainly does not change things but sometimes awakens consciences”.

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