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Exploring the First Store Phenomenon in Hangzhou’s Wulin Business District: A Shopper’s Guide

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Title: Wulin Business District Continues to Attract Top Brands with a Plethora of First Stores

Date: October 3, 2023

Hangzhou’s Wulin Business District has become a popular destination for shoppers, with its remarkable collection of commercial projects. From Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall to Intime Department Store Wulin Store, and Hangzhou Guodao City Plaza to Hangzhou Kerry Center, the district showcases a wide range of retail options. Adding to its allure are the numerous “first store stories” that have unfolded here, bringing in a wave of excitement among shoppers.

Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall has emerged as a key player in the luxury goods sector, particularly in the “hard luxury” segment. Over the past few years, Hangzhou Tower has successfully introduced a staggering 99 first stores, with 21 of them being added just this year. Noteworthy additions include the expansion and opening of Chanel boutiques, upgrades to MAX MARA, DG, and Cartier, as well as the successful launch of four luxury VIC rooms featuring Chanel, LV, CARTIER, and BVLGARI. To enrich the supporting facilities, Hangzhou Tower also introduced Laderach, while Boucheron and Buccellati were added to expand the jewelry brand lineup.

Intime Department Store Wulin Store, on the other hand, has focused on building an innovative and intelligent shopping mall that seamlessly integrates online and offline experiences. Since 2020, the store has introduced a total of 35 first stores, creating a unique shopping scene. Notably, cosmetics stores have seen high demand, with Meikefei’s first store still holding the top spot in Wulin Yintai counter sales, and the national fashion cosmetics brand Aikeman finding success after the launch of its first store in Wulin Yintai.

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Hangzhou Kerry Center, launched in 2016, brings together top-tier shopping malls, grade A office buildings, Shangri-La hotel, and Yilu high-end apartments. Its exquisite design and commitment to providing a comfortable living environment have made it a sought-after location. Since 2022, the center has welcomed 26 first stores, including beloved establishments such as BELLOCO, which has earned its place on the “Hangzhou Korean Cuisine Hot List,” and the popular “Butter and Bread” with its delectable French bread. Additionally, Wolfgang Steak offers a taste of old New York, using the finest American black Angus bull to recreate the authentic flavors.

The Wulin Business District continues to enthrall visitors and residents alike with its ever-growing array of first stores from renowned brands. Whether it’s luxury fashion, cosmetics, or unique dining experiences, there is something for everyone in this bustling district.

Source: Hangzhou News
Author: Jin Huashan
Correspondent: Wang Cong
Editor: Cheng Huiyu

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