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Federalimentare: «Food design is among the standard bearers of Made in Italy in the world»

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Federalimentare: «Food design is among the standard bearers of Made in Italy in the world»

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«The companies, districts and supply chains of the Italian food sector contribute to enhancing Made in Italy in the world through our gastronomic culture, our lifestyle and our products». This was remembered by the president of Federalimentare, Paolo Mascarino, who is currently involved in the celebrations for the first Made in Italy Day. «The food industry – added Mascarino – is the first sector for exports: in 2023 our exports recorded a record value of 52 billion euros, with a growth of +7% compared to last year».

The scientific-cultural event organized by the Clan – the National Agrifood Cluster – entitled “Italian Food Design: food, people, science and creativity for Made in Italy” will be dedicated to the theme of food design in particular. The event is scheduled for Tuesday 23 April in the Pininfarina room of Confindustria and will see the participation of researchers, designers, food technologists and representatives of Italian institutions and companies in the sector. «Design and food – added Mascarino – are two very representative realities of Made in Italy and innovation in the agri-food sector keeps them together».

The president of Federalimentare also said he was in favor of food education initiatives among younger people: «As an association – said Mascarino – we fully support what was supported by the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, in agreement with the Minister of Education, Giuseppe Valditara, to introduce the study of food education based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet into schools. This proposal goes in the direction always desired by the food industry, which maintains that education on healthy eating and correct lifestyles comes from correct and constructive teaching. Consumers should not be alarmed by the distinction between “healthy” and “unhealthy” foods, which is a concept without scientific validity. Rather, we need to make positive promotion of “healthy diets”, with the right balance in the administration of all foods, in the right portions.”

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In addition to food education, schools must also prepare the food entrepreneurs of tomorrow: «Transforming raw materials into products with an extraordinary, unique and inimitable taste is not a skill that can be purchased on the market but which must be born and developed in schools and grow in businesses – added the president of Federalimentare – in this sense the launch of the Made in Italy high school can be the educational-training place par excellence where to create the food entrepreneurs of tomorrow”.

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