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Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa: “The Way of Clear Eyes”

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Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa: “The Way of Clear Eyes”

Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa

The Way of Clear Eyes
The art of manifesting without noise

Preface by Rev. Guglielmo Doryu Cappelli

Afterword by Filippo La Porta

edited by Katia Paoletti

It is customary in Japan to pour a ladle of water for good luck on the doorsteps of houses, shops, temples and thus chase away bad influences. A gesture, a ritual that suggests the opportunity to create a better world.

He speaks to us about this elementary, disarmed truth, accessible to all Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa and every wisdom tradition.

Becoming aware of this can give us the strength to experience in faith an inexpressible dimension of benefit useful to all beings.

The Way of Clear Eyes shows, together with all the great masters summoned, what is truly “real”: beyond the illusions, projections, fantasies only the relationship remains, the change, the sharing.

The Way of Clear Eyes It consists of seven chapters, “seven petals” of a wild white anemone, symbol of grace and strength. «Seven petals» that mark a path of Enlightenment.

Each is divided into five steps with evocative titles, thanks to which the reader is accompanied and welcomed on the path that leads to the discovery of Zen Buddhism.

«In a happy combination of prose and poetry, memories, aphorisms, short dialogues, traditional apologists and poems, the rhythm of the writing is linked to the secret rhythm of things: the pauses, the spaces between the words to mimic the silence, the sentences or the verses that last as long as a human breath, like the phrases of a jazz saxophonist.

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This creates a mosaic that is closer to poetry than literature because it arouses emotions even before transmitting ideas.»

Filippo La Porta

Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa she is a nun and Zen master, dancer, dance therapist, Tai Chi Qi Gong teacher.
Graduated from the National Dance Academy in Rome, she danced as a soloist alongside Carla Fracci, Rudolf Nureyev, for the Aterballetto, the Arena di Verona and the most prestigious opera companies.
He integrated his artistic training with experiences in avant-garde theatre, psychomotor techniques, martial arts, holistic therapies.
He studied among others with Lindsay Kemp and Kazuo Ōno.
He began his journey in the Way of the Buddha in 1985, experimenting with different schools of Buddhism with authoritative masters such as Thich Nhat Hanh and Geshe Ciampa Gyatso. Since 1997 she has dedicated herself to the practice of Zen Sōtō. She was ordained as a nun in 1999, in 2016 she received the Dharma Transmission from her Master Shōhaku Okumura Roshi.
He founded the Anshin, Pace del Cuore Zen Center in Rome, affiliated to the Italian Buddhist Union.
Minister of Religion recognized by the Italian State, she is involved with the DIM (Monastic Interreligious Dialogue) and with the Astalli Foundation for Diversity Education in Schools.
For Lindau he published If you breathe, you are dancing. The Art of Surrendering to Movementreported by the Jury in the Shortlist for the Mario Luzi International Award.

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