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Fiat 600e, everything you need to know about the new electric SUV

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Fiat 600e, everything you need to know about the new electric SUV

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Widely spoiled externally and internally for weeks by videos and photos appearing on the web, the Fiat 600e arrives on the starting grid revealing all its characteristics and numbers which, in reality, were already more than conceivable. In fact, the 600e is Fiat’s interpretation of the announced Stellantis family of urban crossovers. Thus, it places itself in the groove opened by the Jeep Avenger which will be lengthened next year by the Alfa Romeo model. At the moment, the 600e can be said to replace the recently discontinued 500L but, more realistically, it pushes the 500X into retirement. However, it will not take its place in the Italian plant in Melfi because it is produced in the ex-Fca plant in Tychy, Poland, just like the Jeep baby-crossovers and that of Alfa Romeo.

Fiat 600e: debut photos

Photogallery4 foto


Fiat 600e, the x-ray

Consequently, the 600e is also based on the PSA-sourced eCMP2 multi-energy architecture and is offered only with front-wheel drive. Like the full-electric Avenger, it is powered by the first 400 V powertrain from Ecomotors, a joint venture between Stellantis and Nidec Leroy-Somer Holding, which develops 156 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque, which allows it to reach 100 km/h in 9 ”. The power supply is entrusted to a lithium-ion battery produced by Stellantis with a capacity of 54 kWh, which is recharged from 80% empty in half an hour in direct current to 100 kW and completely in less than six hours in alternating current 11 kW. The 600e promises a range of 400 kilometers in the mixed cycle, but that can go up in the urban one. In particular, using the Eco car configuration, to which the Normal and Sport are added.
Considering the roadmap of the Avenger family, most likely also that of the 600 in some markets, such as the Italian and Spanish ones, should also offer a version with an internal combustion engine. Here, in the absence of official communications, it can be hoped that the 101 horsepower 3-cylinder turbo coupled to the Avenger’s six-speed manual gearbox can also be joined by that of a similar structure but with 48 V mild-hybrid technology with 136 horsepower combined with six-speed dual-clutch gearbox that recently drives some Peugeots. In short, the ideal powertrain for an urban crossover

Fiat 600, all the images of the new electric SUV

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Photogallery33 foto


Fiat 600e, the style is inspired by the 500

4.17 meters long, the 600e has a line in which stylistic elements that recall both the 500X and the electric 500 intertwine, albeit in a slightly evolved way. The 600e is inspired by the first with the profile of the bodywork and is linked to the full-electric “cinquino” in the front, in particular with the design of the headlights. The 600 logo dominates the front above a motif that recalls an air intake, perhaps ready to open for versions with internal combustion engines, to which is added a very large one in the bumper shield. At the rear, the descent from the 500 family is transmitted both by the design of the lights and by the shape and shape of the tail, dominated by a spoiler that starts from the end of the pavilion. The outfit is completed by black trim in the bumper shields, around the wheel arches and other bodywork superstructures.

Fiat 600e, inside recalls the “cinquino” and the Avenger

In the passenger compartment, the 600e does not hide the kinship with the electric 500 and with the Jeep Avenger. The minimalist and modern style furnishings integrate numerous storage compartments and support on the dashboard both the round-shaped 7″ configurable dashboard inspired by that of the electric 500 and the 10.25″ display of the UConnect 5 infotainment system, fully customizable, with connectivity wireless for the devices but linked to the unconvincing TomTom for navigation. Smartphones can also be recharged wirelessly. In the furnishings, details taken from the American brand’s baby-SUV stand out, such as the controls for the on-board servos inserted in the central band of the dashboard and the buttons for setting the single-speed gearbox modes of the electric 600. Despite the dimensions that fall within those of classic small cars, four people travel comfortably in the passenger compartment of the 600e, especially those sitting in front. The size of the space does not affect that of the load area, whose basic capacity of 360 liters is in line with the standards of cars of similar dimensions to those of the 600e.

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Fiat 600e, technologies for comfort and safety

The interior of the new born Fiat offers up to eight different colors both for the ambient light and for the graphic interface of the radio, which allow you to customize the environment through sixty-four different combinations. It also features an electrically adjustable driver’s seat with massage function. Then, the 600e also offers the hands-free electric tailgate, automatic climate control and keyless entry system with proximity sensor. The new born of the Fiat brand also offers numerous Adas, which come to generate a level 2 semi-assisted driving system.

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