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Fiat drags Stellantis’ accounts. But production leaves Italy

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Fiat drags Stellantis’ accounts.  But production leaves Italy

And the brand that sells more than any other in the group but it is also what matters least in the head of its CEO. Or rather, it is the one whose history, linked to the country that decreed its fortunes (i.e. Italy), always takes a back seat when it comes to investments. Let’s talk about Fiat, Stellantis and CEO Carlos Tavares. But let’s go in order: the Franco-Italian group Stellantis, which contains within it 14 marks (including Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Peugeot, Citroen and others) sees for the third consecutive year the Fiat confirms itself as the best-selling brand globally.

With 1.35 million cars marketed in 2023, the Turin company increased its sales volume by 12%. The best results come from EEurope, South America, the Middle East and Africa: in particular, Fiat is the market leader in Italy (with a share of 12.8%, driven by the Panda), in Brazil (21.8%, thanks to the excellent results of the Strada pick-up) and in Turkey (15 .7%, with the Tipo). Not to mention Algeria, where a plant was opened last year and where Fiat achieved a record market share of 78.6%.

It is sold in Italy, but it is produced abroad

In Italy in 2023, 1 were sold75 thousand Fiats equal to 11.1% of the total. The ones who pushed the purchases were the Panda and the 500 Hybrid which they almost conquered 80% of city cars. Still within the small but electric segment, the best-selling was the Fiat 500e, which also achieved a 14.7% share in the A+B Beverage segment in Europe too. It’s a shame that the Panda and 500 models of the future will soon be massively produced abroad.

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Subtract from Mirafiori the production of the New Fiat 500 for the US market: arrival in US dealerships is expected by the end of March. Among other things, ithe first batch of cars ordered results already sold: Stellantis states, in fact, that the first allocation for American dealers sold out in less than a week. But the electric Fiat 500 is still marginal, the bulk is made by the traditional city car that is produced in Poland. And the Panda? It will occur in Serbia. Then there’s the new one Lancia who will speak Spanish and as mentioned investments in Algeria and Morocco.

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