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Flood in Emilia, Bonaccini: “Commissioner? They can do whoever they want”

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Flood in Emilia, Bonaccini: “Commissioner? They can do whoever they want”

Bonaccini: “If Emilia-Romagna stops, part of the country will stop”

“I don’t want to make controversies” but “it is no coincidence that other presidents have said it would be curious if it weren’t like this” that is, that the commissioner for reconstruction after the flood is a regional president. “They do whoever they want. The important thing is that they do it quickly because we have to keep the two things together, because if Romagna and Emilia-Romagna stop, a part of the country will stop”.

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Thus, responding to reporters in Bologna, the president of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini. “I would like to remind you that the GDP of the area hit by the earthquake was 2% at the time” while today “it is higher than then”, he adds Bonaccini“therefore it means that the investments are also justly repaid to the State”.

Giorgia Meloni “she defined us as the ‘locomotive of Italy’ – underlines the regional president -, I thanked her and therefore it is understood I guess, from the parts of the government and Rome, that this part of the country needs to restart because, as far as react on its own, the people of Emilia Romagna don’t need someone to tell them ‘get busy’, they also get busy on their own, however they need, as was the case with the earthquake, resources and the ability to work together”. The government knows “that every week we will ask for a summons from Rome”, he concludes.

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