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hit with at least 37 stab wounds

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There were at least 37 stab wounds with which Giulia Tramontano was killed. Of these, two – around her neck – were fatal: one severed the carotid artery and the other affected the subclavian artery. These are the first results of the autopsy carried out on the body of the 29-year-old 7-month pregnant woman killed by Alessandro Impagnatiello in the Milanese area. The young woman was hit by her eldest in the upper part of her body, without being able to defend herself.

Among the blows one hit her in the face and one punctured a lung. No sign of stab wounds, however, on her stomach. The examination – at the moment – has not been able to reveal when the murder was committed given the numerous burns on the corpse. Impagnetiello, in fact, attempted to burn Giulia’s body twice, as he himself told the investigators. After the autopsy examination, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office “released” the body to allow the family to organize the funeral, which will take place in Sant’Antimo.

Returning to the autopsy, it is not clear whether Giulia was shot from behind. In the request for pre-trial detention, the Public Prosecutor contested not only premeditation, but also the aggravating circumstance of cruelty (not recognized by the investigating judge). In the next few weeks the results of the autopsy will be filed and on the basis of these it will also be necessary to establish how many stab wounds were inflicted on Giulia’s already lifeless body.

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