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Ftse Mib closes at + 1%, in the dust of Tenaris

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Rises for the markets after yesterday’s declines. The Ftse Mib closed today at + 1% at 22,985 points, while Wall Street moved just above par. Last night, the minute Fed meeting of 26-27 July signaled that the US central bank is ready for further rate hikes until inflation falls substantially. Several participants, however, warned of the risks of excessive monetary tightening and predict that a slowdown in monetary policy normalization will be appropriate at some point.

Today on the macro front, the final reading of eurozone inflation confirmed the acceleration to + 8.9% in July. Isabel Schnabel, a member of the board of the ECB, today declared that the inflation outlook has not improved and that further price hikes in the short term cannot be excluded.

In Piazza Affari stands the + 4.23% of Tenaris; good also Stm + 3.24% after the heavy -4% of the eve. On the other hand, TIM was weak (-0.75%). Giorgia Meloni, leader of Fratelli d’Italia (FdI) touched on the single network theme. “The issue is very delicate, but the position of Fratelli d’Italia is that of a single network, as happens in all the great Western democracies, which is publicly owned and not vertically integrated”, said Giorgia Meloni during her speech to “24 Mattino estate” broadcast today on Radio24.

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