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Fund manager who outperformed its peers names 5 stocks

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Fund manager who outperformed its peers names 5 stocks

Market volatility could increase in the second half of the year, a top fund manager said. Alistair Berg/Getty Images

Top fund manager Bryant VanCronkhite explains his contrarian investment strategy.

According to him, medium-sized companies are often neglected, even though they have achieved high returns in the past.

Here are five stocks VanCronkhite is loving right now, as he says market volatility will likely increase in late 2023.

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According to fund manager Bryant VanCronkhite, a common mistake many investors make when building portfolios is that they overlook mid-cap stocks.

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That’s why you should invest in medium-sized companies

VanCronkhite’s message is worth hearing. After all, he has been co-managing the $12.8 billion Allspring Special Mid Cap Value Fund since early 2009 (WFPAX) and has eclipsed its competitors in that time span. His fund is loud Morningstar in the top nine percent of its category over the past 15 years.

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