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Gasoline prices are increasing: why, how much and what to expect

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Gasoline prices are increasing: why, how much and what to expect

MILAN. There is no peace for families and motorists. Just when the departures of Italians are increasing (and the traffic on the motorways becomes more intense), the price of fuels start to soar again. In these hours, the prices on the motorway are back to close to 2.5 euros per litre. Even on the smaller islands, the price lists are once again at record levels and have already knocked down the threshold of 2.1 euro/litre. The complaint comes from Codacons, which monitored the pump price lists communicated by the managers to the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy.

According to the latest data published on the Ministry’s website, petrol in served mode has already reached 2.499 euros per liter on the A21 Turin-Piacenza, the same price is recorded for diesel (again in served mode) on the A12 Genoa-Sestri. On the A1 Milan-Naples petrol reaches 2.449 euros/litre, 2.349 euros for diesel, while on the A13 Bologna-Padua motorway you spend 2.399 euros/litre for green petrol, 2.456 euros/litre for diesel. On the A22 Brennero-Modena, a liter of petrol costs up to 2.439 euros, diesel 2.389 euros. Prices are also high on the A14 Bologna-Bari-Taranto (2.392 euros per liter for petrol in served mode, 2.449 euros for diesel) and on the A15 Parma-La Spezia (green 2.349 euros, diesel 2.449 euros).

Prices at the pump are also rising on the smaller islands: in Capri a liter of petrol reaches 2.119 euros per litre, 2.039 euros for diesel, and it’s even worse in Ischia, where green costs up to 2.154 euros a litre.

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«Once again fuel prices are rising again precisely when the departures of Italians are increasing – denounces the president Carlo Rienzi – Compared to Easter last year, petrol costs 6.5% more today, with an increase in expenditure equal to almost 6 euros full, which risks determining a sting of a total of 120 million euros only for the higher refueling costs borne by Italians who will travel by car during the holidays ».

Prices had already reached record levels last January. At the time the threshold of 2.50 euros on the motorway had been reached by diesel which at the time had higher prices than petrol. Subsequently, prices fell again and the relationship also reversed. Now the new flare.

Families have long learned to turn to cheaper distributors, for example white pumps, service stations not linked to big brands, and pumps located near large supermarkets which often offer lower prices. To save on fuel, you need to monitor the price lists. Help comes from apps. They can be consulted in real time and their use is free, simple and intuitive. They allow you to search based on the type of fuel you want. For example, just enter the word «Diesel» in the appropriate «grid» on the mobile phone display to get to the list of pumps closest to where you are. Often the distance is also indicated in order to allow a calculation on the convenience of moving. The brands of the various distributors are then clearly indicated.

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