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Gentiloni, Meloni in agreement with Salvini: “Work against Italy”. EXCLUSIVE

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Gentiloni, Meloni in agreement with Salvini: “Work against Italy”.  EXCLUSIVE

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Salvini vs Gentiloni, even Tajani did not criticize the Northern League deputy prime minister

Some might think that Matteo Salvini’s attack on Paolo Gentiloni is an isolated output of the Northern League secretary. Not at all. Those who were present at last night’s summit at Palazzo Chigi on the 2024 maneuver tell Affaritaliani.it that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni thinks exactly like the Minister of Transport and the infrastructures. “Work against Italy (Gentiloni, ed)”, is the thought expressed during the summit by both Meloni and Salvini.

E not even the pro-European Antonio Tajani has criticized the Northern League’s deputy prime minister. The accusation of Brothers of Italy and Lega to the European Commissioner of Democratic party is that of not helping Italy at all (indeed, the opposite) on the flexibility of the deficit in view of the Budget Law for the next year. So much so that someone believes, but there is no confirmation, that the exit of Salvini against Gentiloni has been agreed with the premier, who obviously cannot expose herself in order to maintain good relations with Bruxelles.

The strong criticisms by Meloni and Salvini of the EU Dem commissioner relaunch the hypothesis of Affaritaliani.it that Gentiloni, behind the scenes, aims to return to Palazzo Chigi in case of implosion of the centre-right government. And what better opportunity to sink the executive than the maintenance of public finances and a maneuver “tears and blood” (or almost).

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