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Germans expect worse medical care

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Germans expect worse medical care

A survey gives cause for concern: a majority of Germans assume that medical care will deteriorate in the future.

Germans are concerned about the future of their medical care. 58 percent are convinced that medical care in the vicinity of their place of residence will deteriorate. Only 6 percent expect an improvement. Which lead to a representative online surveywhich Civey carried out on behalf of the Federal Association of Operators of Medical Care Centers (BBMV).

The shortage of doctors is also clearly mentioned in the survey. Around 56 percent of those surveyed stated that they had to wait a long time for a doctor’s appointment. Almost 39 percent say that there are not enough doctors in their area.

MVZ are an integral part of medical care

The medical care centers have been an integral part of the outpatient infrastructure for years. In the BBMV survey, the majority of respondents (39%) stated that they had already been a patient in an MVZ. Especially in regions with very low or low population density, MVZ have the highest usage rate.

More than a third of the people named in the survey (35%) associate MVZ with a wide range of care offers. They also appreciate the easy access to specialists (30%) and the medical care in rural areas that is guaranteed by MVZ (27%).

What is important to patients

According to the survey, three things are particularly important to patients when it comes to medical care:

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