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Goodbye citizenship income: how to get an inclusion and training allowance

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Goodbye citizenship income: how to get an inclusion and training allowance

Citizenship income suspended from August 1st. Here’s how to request and what the inclusion allowance and Job Training Support service consist of

From today 1 August for 160 thousand families the Basic income as the Government had promised in the electoral campaign. Since yesterday, the Questions and Answers section has appeared on the INPS website to help citizens navigate in this transitional phase between subsidy, inclusion check and the Job Training Service. However, the suspension only concerns households with a person able to work, while the Citizenship Income will continue for all the others taken over by social services until 31 December 2023.

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From January 1, 2024 comes theInclusion Allowance (ADI) for families with disabled people, minors or at least sixty years of age. Citizenship income instead becomes inclusion income. From 1 September 2023, on the other hand, people who can work can request the Training and Employment Support (Sfl).

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Those subjects taken over by social services by the end of October could be included in the Citizenship Income. The communication is made through the GePi platform but the Municipalities are already complaining of problems. We talk about categories of people such as people with addictions, women victims of violence or with psychiatric problems and homeless.

Training and Employment Support, how to apply

Il Training and Employment Support (Sfl) provides an incentive of 350 euros for a maximum of 12 months for every single person who starts the training course to return to the world of work and no longer meets the requirements for the Citizenship Income.

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Within a family nucleus, several people can therefore also receive them. The request can be made from the first of September via the platform Sisl which is not online yet.

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Inclusion grant, how to apply

L’inclusion check instead, it must be requested from INPS through patronages or Cafs only online. The requirements are:

an IMU value for real estate purposes of less than 30,000 euros a movable property value of less than 6,000 + 2,000 euros for each member of the family following the first + 1,000 euros for each minor

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Cannot request it:

who is unemployed following voluntary resignations (you have to wait 12 months to apply)

L’inclusion check is compatible with thesingle allowance for children.

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