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Government, if Piantedosi resigns, it’s a crisis. Message from the League to Meloni

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Government, if Piantedosi resigns, it’s a crisis.  Message from the League to Meloni

Massacre of migrants, the political behind the scenes

Let the opposition, Elly Schlein in the lead, scream resignation. But Minister Piantedosi does not touch himself. There he is and there he stays. Point“. Thus a source at the highest level of the League comments with Affaritaliani.it the controversies that have invested the owner of the Viminale on the massacre of migrants near the coast of Crotone. Matteo Salvini has intervened several times speaking of shame for those who throw a tragedy into politics and, in fact, he defends the technical minister of the Carroccio area of ​​the Interior to the sword. There’s no mention of resignation. It is right to clarify what happened, maximum transparency, but Piantedosi will remain where he is today, at the Interior Ministry.

The political signal that comes from is very clear Lega: a possible farewell to the government of the Minister of the Interior would open a deep crisis, perhaps even incurable. And with serious consequences for the progress of the executive and even the legislature. If anything, they explain from the League, it is up to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to insist with the European Union that it act seriously and concretely on the issue of immigration. “Because these migrants have not landed in Greecemuch closer to Turkey where they started from, and arrived as far as Italy?” asks a Northern League senator.

The Prime Minister he has already written a letter to Brussels to move from words to deeds. But the political point is clear. Unless Piantedosi’s improbable and clamorous direct and personal responsibilities emerge, the Minister of the Interior does not touch himself and must be defended by the entire majority. He is worth the opening of a government crisis. The opposition does its job and should not be listened to. Clarity yes, but they don’t even want to hear the word resignation in Via Bellerio.

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On this point Salvini was very clear, on the other hand Planted was his chief of staff and is considered a coach in the League share. Surely there have been some unfortunate statements and perhaps even as a mistake in good faith, but here it is Europe that has to take on the problem. In short, Piantedosi must remain a minister without ifs and buts. The Lega’s message to the premier and to the Brothers of Italy, who have shown some doubts, is very clear.

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