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Helping musicians to increase income and solving copyright problems for anchors “Sonic Engine” promotes the legalization of live music-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

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Helping musicians to increase income and solving copyright problems for anchors “Sonic Engine” promotes the legalization of live music-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

Source title: Help musicians increase income and solve copyright problems for anchors “Sonic Engine” promotes the legalization of live music

How network anchors use music in live broadcast rooms has always caused heated discussions in the society. Last year, a live broadcast platform played 47 pieces of music due to infringement by the anchor, and the copyright owner repeatedly complained to the app store, requesting the app to be removed from the shelves.

In the new “Copyright Law”, it is clearly stipulated that the copyright owner should be paid for the use of music in online live broadcast, and the statutory compensation amount has been increased. Although most anchors know that the live broadcast room needs to use genuine music, infringement cases still abound. The main reason is that the anchors are faced with problems such as high licensing costs for singles, complicated licensing procedures, and even unable to find a way to authorize copyrights, resulting in deep music copyright disputes.

In September last year, the “Sonic Da Engine” was officially launched, becoming the first service system in the country to solve the use of music copyrights in online live broadcast scenarios. As an efficient and open platform, the Sonic Da engine is based on nearly 20 years of professional accumulation of Kugou Music, a subsidiary of Tencent Music Entertainment Group. It hides huge technical work behind the scenes, presents the most concise and clear user interface to customers, and supports multi-platform one-stop authorization. The anchor can complete the song authorization in one minute in just four steps through the Sonic Da engine applet.

According to the product manager of Sonicda, the system has been online for nearly a year, and has cooperated with 34 live broadcast and chat platforms, helping tens of thousands of anchors and millions of chat users, and has solved almost all music in the live broadcast/talk scene. Copyright needs.

“Many times, it’s not that we don’t have copyright awareness, but we really don’t know where to get the authorization, and we sing very casually. It’s impossible to find the original author for a song one song at a time.” Year, said that he never worried about being sued for singing.

In fact, in addition to the problems of high licensing fees for single songs and complicated procedures, there is no industry standard for music copyright fees, which is also an obstacle to promoting the legalization of live music. The value of music in the live broadcast process is difficult to judge, and the platform cannot estimate the input-output ratio of music copyright purchase. If the “package authorization” method is adopted, it lacks flexibility and may not meet the actual needs of the anchors, and it is difficult for the platform and the copyright owner to coordinate the authorization fee.

In order to solve the problems of scattered copyright owners, complicated music rights, and the high cost of the traditional purchase model by song and year. Sonic Da’s engine innovation provides a new method of “turning buying into rent” and “paying on demand”, providing a “membership system” method of 100 yuan/month payment, which reduces the purchasing threshold for platforms and anchors.

The anchor said, “In order to interact with everyone, you need to learn to sing the most trendy songs. Sonic has a huge music library, and you can almost find the hottest songs at the moment, and you can also order, sing, score, and tune. These functions have greatly increased the distance between fans and fans.”

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The anchor only needs to search for “Sonic Da Mini Program” from WeChat, click “Open Now” after logging in, add the platform, ID, room number, and pay the membership fee, then complete the registration and use the genuine music. During the membership period, the anchor can freely use all copyrighted music on Sonic, including popular songs, and there is no limit to the number of music.

Up to now, Sonic Engine has cooperated with more than 60 music copyright companies, covering millions of music libraries, many of which are popular hits, such as “Love You”, “Listen to Mom”, “Dive”, etc. Meet the music needs of different users.

At the same time, Sonic Da also professionally selects more than 10 song categories suitable for live broadcast scenarios according to the needs of live broadcast/voice chat scenarios, such as bringing goods, voice chat, etc. and recommends songs.

Sonic Da Engine provides SaaS technical solutions, one end links labels, musicians and music libraries, and needs to help them maintain their rights and interests, increase the channels for monetization of works, and maximize the value of genuine music; the other end links live broadcast platforms, guilds, and anchors and other industry customers, through technical means, to help them obtain authorization and related supporting services in the most convenient and easiest way.

In order to meet the upgrading needs of the live broadcast industry, the Sonic Da engine also supports the real-time authorization of the SDK, cooperates with the live broadcast platform, and integrates the SDK through the live broadcast assistant and the language chat APP to help the host realize popular functions such as real-time singing scoring and PK. For example, when the host is singing a song in the live broadcast room, the system can compare and score in real time, and after the song is finished, the score will be shared with friends in the live broadcast room in real time to enhance the user’s sense of participation. At the same time, it supports recording audio and video forms, with low network requirements and no network delay problems.

According to data, by the end of 2021, my country’s online anchor accounts have accumulated over 100 million yuan, and it is predicted that by 2026, the size of my country’s online live broadcast market will exceed 2 trillion yuan. Singing and playing songs in the live broadcast room has entered the era of full payment. As an important link connecting upstream copyright owners, downstream live broadcast platforms, and anchors, the “Sonic Da Engine”, which was born in September last year, takes content and technology as the core, and is the communication between the two industries. A reliable channel has been built to make the live music use chain of “creation – confirmation – authorization – protection” run more smoothly and in a timely manner.

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