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Here are the remunerations at 4%

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Here are the remunerations at 4%

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April 24, 2024

Here on Affari Miei I usually review all the offers relating to current accounts and deposit accounts. Today I’ll tell you about Imprebanca current account which also allows you to obtain a remuneration on inventory.

If you continue reading then you will find all the characteristics of this current account, including all costs, interests, advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start!

This article talks about:

Imprebanca: a presentation

Before delving into the actual offer, I would like to introduce you to the bank offering the offer.

Imprebanca was born in Rome as a multi-channel bank on the initiative of Banca Finnat Euramerica, Generali Italia SpA, Confcommercio Roma e Lazio and with the involvement of important national and international entrepreneurs. 60% of Imprebanca’s shareholders are represented by 40 entrepreneurs while the remaining share is divided between Banca Finnat Euramerica and Generali Italia SpA

As regards the distribution of the bank across the country, it currently operates through its own general management and four branches in Rome.

Main characteristics of Imprebanca’s offer

Let’s see them now characteristics more important than the offer.

The proposed current account is a basic current account that allows you to control and manage your finances in a simple way, especially online thanks to the ib-internet service.

However, you will also be able to operate with your payment card or directly at Imprebanca branches.

Remuneration at 4%

The interesting part refers to the remuneration: if you join the current account by 30 September 2024 you will be able to have the gross rate on the deposits equal to 4%.

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The rate will be applied to free balance and is valid for current accounts up to €250,000.

The only condition to activate the promotion is that of credit: in fact you will have to have your salary or pension credited to your current account.

On 1 October 2024, therefore when the offer expires, the rate will go to 0.50%.


As for the costs we have an annual fee of €24, and the stamp duty of €34.20 is your responsibility.

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Advantages and disadvantages

We try to do some considerations.

At first glance it seems to be a very tempting offer indeed.

However, the 4% rate is high compared to other offers (it is a remuneration quite above the market average) and to the fact that a minimum amount is not required to take advantage of the rate of return and above all with the advantage that you always have the availability of money in your current account: if you need to withdraw the sums from your current account you can do so at any time, without any particular constraints.

Among the disadvantages I can point out the rate: it is true that 4% is a very interesting return, but naturally being gross it must be considered on the basis of taxes.

For the rest, I refer you to carefully read the terms and conditions for signing up for this account; only in this way will you be able to better understand whether it is an offer suitable for you.

Opinions of Affari Miei: is it worth taking up the offer?

We’ve seen it all characteristics of the Imprebanca current account and without a doubt it is an interesting offer as the yield is calculated on your balances.

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So we can say that this is an advantage: you always have your money available, whenever you want, you have no constraints, you have no minimum amount and above all you don’t have to tie up the money for a certain time.

All these aspects are to be considered in a positive way, the only thing is that you have to consider the 4% gross obviously and above all the stamp duty to be paid by you.

Despite all this, however, it is an interesting offer: I obviously invite you to look further into the offer on the official website to better understand if it is an offer that is right for you.

I also suggest you compare the different offers between them to seize the best opportunities.

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