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How artificial intelligence is transforming work

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How artificial intelligence is transforming work

Compared to previous technological upheavals, the tasks in occupations of highly qualified people can now be partially automated. A recently published study came to the same conclusion. The investigated how large the proportion of tasks in different jobs is that the latest version of ChatGPT could take over.

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According to this, the work of every fifth employee in the USA could be supported or even taken over by AI in the future by more than 50 percent. The tasks concerned usually deal with compiling and curating knowledge, which artificial intelligences such as ChatGPT are already mastering. It becomes more difficult for the AI ​​when it comes to making decisions. According to Michael Stops from the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), however, these are essential for most jobs. He emphasizes that people make decisions based on their socialization, ethics and morals – but these are missing from the machine and are difficult to replace.

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