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Beautify napkins for Easter: 9 simple table decoration ideas

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Beautify napkins for Easter: 9 simple table decoration ideas

Easter is just around the corner and the final preparations for Easter are being made: groceries are being bought, the house is being put in order and the house and garden are getting in the spirit of Easter. What almost always remains for the last moment is the table decoration. If you want to give your table the finishing touch with pretty napkins for Easter, be sure to check out our ideas! Whether you fold cloth napkins into beautiful shapes or spice them up with small decorations – these ideas can be imitated quickly and create a festive atmosphere at the table.

Folding napkins for Easter: Some ideas are easy!

Folded cloth napkins always look very complicated to make, but they really aren’t. All you need is the right instructions and a few minutes to master the technique. Try it yourself and impress your guests!

Fold a rabbit with big ears

Fold like an Easter Bunny napkin with a nose and mustache

How to fold this pretty Easter Bunny out of a square cloth napkin:

  • Fold the napkin in half to form a pyramid-shaped triangle.
  • Fold the outer corners up so they meet at the top of the pyramid. The napkin should now look like a diamond-shaped square.
  • Fold them in half by folding the bottom half down. The napkin should look like a pyramid again.
  • Fold in half from right to left. The napkin should look like the left half of the pyramid.
  • Turn the napkin to the left until it is in an upright position.
  • Shape the napkin into a bunny by rounding and smoothing the bottom so it takes the shape of a bunny’s face.
  • Pinch the napkin just below the ears until it resembles a rabbit’s head.
  • Tie a few strands of natural raffia, yarn or twine in a knot and place on top to create the whiskers!
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Fold napkins like an Easter basket

Simple idea for folding napkins to create a nest for Easter

These little bird nests are so quick and easy to make that even those with two left hands can make them. Don’t you believe it? Then watch the instructions in the video to see how easy it is to fold the Easter basket.

You can then place an Easter egg in the middle of the bird’s nest and decorate it with small blossom branches or other decorative elements of your choice.

Quick idea for Easter bunny napkins

The table for Easter cover ideas for table decorations

If you are in a hurry, you can also try this rabbit folding idea. To do this, the serviette is simply folded into a long strip, creased in the middle and tied with some natural raffia. A small wooden bead is perfect as a nose for the Easter bunny.

For more ideas on how to fold beautiful napkins for Easter, also check out this article.

Fold a cutlery bag and decorate with paper flowers

Napkin cutlery pocket with colored paper flowers

If you already know how to fold a cutlery bag from napkins, you can decorate them with flowers to make the Easter table colorful. Cut some daffodils out of colored paper and place them in the napkin pockets in place of the cutlery. You can still use the flowers as place cards if you are organizing a celebration for several people.

DIY Easter Napkin Rings: Quick & Easy Ideas

Table decorations for Easter in pastel colors simple ideas for the napkins

For an even simpler Easter table setting, you can tie the napkins with pretty rings instead of folding them in a specific shape. Here are some interesting and quick ideas for crafting.

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Make jute napkin rings with rabbit ears

Colorful napkins for Easter with DIY bunny ears napkin rings

A jute decoration goes well with Easter because it looks very natural. Use some jute ribbon and cheap napkin rings to make these cute bunny ear rings, which are the perfect complement to your pastel colored napkins. All you have to do is glue jute to the outside of the rings and cut out a pair of jute rabbit ears for each ring and attach with hot glue.

A useful hack: If you don’t have napkin rings, you can cut some out of empty toilet paper rolls.

Tie the cloth napkins with artificial greenery

Cloth napkins with artificial greenery and decorative eggs for the Easter table

You can use just about anything that you can tie in a loop as a napkin ring. Natural materials are beautiful, but not very durable. Instead, you can take a few sprigs of artificial greenery such as boxwood and use them to make small wreaths as napkin rings. A few artificial Easter eggs will make this minimalist table decoration even more beautiful for Easter.

Small Bird’s Nest as Napkin Ringe

Simple idea for the napkins for Easter Make DIY rings

Bird nests are always a beautiful addition to Easter table decorations. For this decorating idea, stop by the craft store to see if there are any mini wicker wreaths left over. These small decorative elements are perfect as napkin rings and can be decorated as you wish. A small sprig of flowers, a bow, an artificial bird – all these decorations create a spring mood at the table.

Decorate napkins with chicken or chicks for Easter

Easter napkin with chicken napkin ring

This idea will surely delight the smallest Easter guests! Admit it, you yourself can’t remain indifferent when you find an adorable chick at the Easter table, can you? If you are a crafty person, you can make some little chicks or chickens out of wool or some other material and use them as napkin rings. If you don’t have time, it’s also perfectly fine if you buy them ready-made. You don’t even need real napkin rings. Glue the chicks to rubber bands to make the napkin rings.

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