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How the SPD is blocking climate change

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Anyone who hoped that the traffic light coalition would pursue a better climate policy than the previous governments under Angela Merkel’s chancellorship will now be disappointed. It is true that the FDP is permanently and certainly not without reason in the spotlight as a brake on climate policy. But if you take a closer look, it quickly becomes clear that the FDP can only enforce its climate policy blockade policy because Chancellor Olaf Scholz allows it. And as is well known, he belongs to the SPD. The SPD is currently succeeding in hiding in the shadow of the FDP. In fact, however, it is the much bigger brake pad on climate policy and is probably enjoying how the Greens, who are the only party in the Bundestag to stand up for consistent climate protection, are currently being crushed and neutralized in the coalition.

But why is it like that? Why is the SPD positioning itself so vehemently as a brake on climate policy? Didn’t Scholz market himself as climate chancellor in the 2021 election campaign? Nick Reimer’s article provides detailed answers to these questions. He describes the fossil network and its actors, who try with all means and tricks and above all lies (see e.g. climate chancellor) to prevent a climate change for as long as possible. The cornerstones of this complex network are the fossil fuel economy (which also includes municipal energy supply companies), the IGBCE trade union (mining, chemicals and energy) and the SPD as its political arm in parliament.

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