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Italian managers conquer the top management of companies listed in France

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Italian managers conquer the top management of companies listed in France

MILANO  –If it is true that many French companies shop for Italian companies, it is also true that Italian managers are increasingly depopulating in France, holding top positions and climbing the tops of companies listed in Paris.

Luxury manager

Bizzarri leaves Gucci, Francesca Bellettini promoted: the CEO of Saint Laurent at the head of all the brands of the Kering group by Serena Tibaldi 18 July 2023

The latest nomination is that of Frances Bellettini (pictured), president and CEO of Saint Laurent, which was just promoted by Francois-Henri Pinault, as his deputy in Kering, with responsibility for all the brands of the French luxury polo which controls, among other things, tricolor brands such as Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Pomellato, Richard Ginori 1735 and Brioni. Still in the luxury sector, at the beginning of the year Peter Beccari he was promoted to head of Louis Vuitton, the luxury brand which by turnover is the largest in the world, with a turnover exceeding 20 billion euros. For years, the right arm of the owner of Lvmh Bernard Arnault, And Tony Bellonimanaging director of the giant that owns Italian brands such as Bulgari, Loro Piana, Berluti and international brands such as Dior, Celine, Tiffany and Vuitton.

Eyewear and automotive

Francesco Milleri, who is the manager holding the reins of the empire built by Leonardo Del Vecchio by Sara Bennewitz 03 July 2023

Between luxury and optics, Francesco Milleri he is the highest-ranking Italian manager, given that he is president and CEO of an 80 billion capitalization giant like EssilorLuxottica, 32% owned by the Del Vecchio family. In the automotive, luca de meoformer right-hand man of Sergio

Marchionne in FCA now Stellantis, is instead the CEO of Renault.

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Luca de Meo, new president of the European manufacturers 10 December 2022

Banks and insurance companies

Italian managers also stand out in the financial sector. Lorenzo Bini Smaghi and chairman of the banking giant Société Générale. Marco Morelli, former number one of Mps, is executive president of the investment division of Axa, as well as a member of the management board of the French insurance giant. In the end Giampiero Maioliwho has been successfully leading the Italian activities of Crédit Agricole in Italy for years, has joined the executive committee of Crédit Agricole sa, the parent company listed in Paris.

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