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JD 11.11: The growth of professional brands in the vertical field of industrial products leads the growth of hydraulic components by 203% year-on-year_公司

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Original title: JD 11.11: The growth of professional brands in the vertical field of industrial products leads the growth of hydraulic components by 203% year-on-year

Over 349.1 billion yuan! As of 23:59 on November 11, the cumulative order amount of Jingdong 11.11, which “does not stay up at 8 o’clock in the evening,” has set a new record. Sales of 31 brands exceeded 1 billion, Apple broke 10 billion; more than 5 million farmers realized income increase; 43,276 merchants increased their sales by more than 200% year-on-year, and the number of new small and medium-sized brands increased by more than 4 times; JD Logistics’ green supply chain reduced carbon 26,000 tons, 11.35 million times of recycling packaging.

In this 11.11 of JD.com, JD.com continues to reduce costs and increase efficiency for the industry, create growth space for partners, resonate with more industries, and help more real economy enterprises to develop with high quality. Today’s JD 11.11 is not only a window to release consumer vitality, but also a stage for linking consumer and industrial sides, and promoting the deep integration of digital and real economies. Many industrial brands and industrial companies participated in JD 11.11, and JD’s industrial product orders increased by 191 year-on-year. %, the number of customers placing orders increased by 153% year-on-year.

Strong growth in professional brands in the industrial vertical sector, SKF, the world‘s largest bearing manufacturer, saw its turnover increase 10 times year-on-year

With the transmission effect of the industrial digital transformation of the industrial manufacturing industry on upstream brands, industrial brands are also accelerating the construction of digital channels. This year, a large number of professional categories and professional brands in the industrial vertical field “appeared” on JD 11.11. For example, Xiamen XGMA, a domestic construction machinery brand with a history of 70 years, brought its loaders, excavators, road rollers, forklifts and other fields 8 major categories and 27 large-scale machinery and equipment are all launched on the flagship store of Xiagong JD.com, participating in JD 11.11 for the first time. Renben Bearings, ranked 24th in the Top 100 China Machinery Industry List, participated in JD 11.11 with nearly 30,000 bearings of different specifications and models. The smallest diameter is less than 1mm, and the largest outer diameter exceeds 6m.

During the 11.11 period of JD.com, more specialized industrial categories grew rapidly. Orders for pressure instrument categories increased by 316% year-on-year, hydraulic components category orders increased by 203% year-on-year, and bearings category orders increased by 185% year-on-year. Ranked 98th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2021, the turnover of Bosch Group’s power tools increased by 38 times year-on-year, and the world‘s largest bearing manufacturer SKF increased by 10 times year-on-year. It has a history of more than 60 years and has a global market share of 36 times. % Of the Japanese pneumatic component brand SMC’s turnover increased by 434% year-on-year.

At the same time, the companies that guarantee the supply of materials in the production process through Jingdong Industrial Products have been involved in 70 industries such as aerospace, electronics manufacturing, and coal. Among them, the purchase value of enterprise customers in the petroleum and petrochemical industry increased by 555% year-on-year, the purchase value of enterprise customers in the metallurgical industry increased by 218% year-on-year, and the purchase value of corporate customers in the electronics manufacturing industry increased by 159% year-on-year.

JD Industrial’s first “smart mobile warehouse” is put into operation, with a new generation of infrastructure to help the digitalization of the industrial industry

Different from ordinary consumer products, the specifications and parameters of industrial products are complicated. The completion of the transaction is only the beginning of the service of industrial products. If digitalization is only at the transaction level, it is difficult to meet the needs of enterprises. The performance process involves a large number of physical level delivery service issues, and more professional production is required. The next-generation supply chain infrastructure of the scene is one of the representatives of the intelligent mobile warehouse of JD Industrial Products, which was officially unveiled during 11.11 this year.

Through the integration of procurement digital technology and infrastructure, the intelligent mobile warehouse was put into use in the Hanbanan high-speed railway construction project under the responsibility of Sichuan Chuanjiao Road and Bridge Co., Ltd., to solve the problem of accurate procurement planning and on-site materials acquisition caused by remote construction sites. Difficulty in distribution and inventory management. After the construction workers recognize their identity by swiping their faces, swiping cards, etc., they can see the high-frequency and consumable industrial products of the road and bridge construction site such as bolts and nuts, welding wire, welding rod, cast iron ball valve, and flat drill bits are neatly arranged in ” Unmanned container”. In the interactive interface of the “unmanned container”, workers can see that the project procurement department configures the requisition list according to the type of work, clearly marking the requisitionable goods and quantity. After the selection, the cabinet door opens automatically to receive materials. Wang Leyi, an employee of Sichuan Jiao Road and Bridge Machinery Section, was deeply moved by this. He said, “In the past, we could only see a total number of materials received at the construction site, but now through JD Industrial Products, our management of materials received can be accurate to everyone and every product, regardless of plan. It is more precise to formulate or use funds.”

At present, digitization has become the consensus for the development of the industrial industry. As a business unit of JD.com providing industrial product supply chain technical services to the industrial industry, JD.com Industrial Products will continue to pay attention to the needs of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. On the one hand, it vigorously develops digital procurement management technology, and on the other hand, it goes deep into the industry and builds digital technology and infrastructure. Converged differentiated products, give full play to the advantages of new entities to promote the digitization of the industrial product industry.Return to Sohu to see more


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