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Jubilee, works without cascade subcontracting. Mayor Gualtieri signs the protocol with builders and unions

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Jubilee, works without cascade subcontracting.  Mayor Gualtieri signs the protocol with builders and unions

ROMA – Also to forget the pains of Expo 2030 escaped the capital, the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri today signed a memorandum of understanding with builders and unions for the works 2.8 billion related to Jubilee of 2025 in Rome. The surprise is soon said: no cascade subcontractingas the new Code, signed by Salvini, provides.

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At most a subcontract

What is surprising are the signatures under the protocol: Ance Roma-Acer, Cna, Confapi, Feneal Uil, Filca Cisl and Fillea Cgil. So all builders, large and smallfrom Confindustria to small and medium-sized enterprises passing through the artisans, accept the proposal of the confederal unions to allow at most one subcontractpreventing the chain from stretching to the detriment of safety of construction sites, workers and the application of the national construction contract.

The text of the protocol

Here is the passage that derogates from Salvini’s Procurement Code: “In order to counteract the risk of infiltration as well as with the purpose of guarantee the highest safety standards in favor of the personnel involved in the execution of the works, the Extraordinary Commissioner (Mayor Gualtieri, ndr) undertakes, through the contracting authority/implementing entity to indicate in the tender documentationpursuant to Article 119 paragraph 17 D.Lgs. 36/2023 That all processes falling within the provisions of Annex ndr) they cannot be the subject of further subcontracting (so-called cascade subcontracting)”.

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Guarantees for workers

Even for the only permitted subcontracting, we read in the Jubilee protocol, the sole project manager, before authorizing the subcontracting, must “verify the full recognition of the labor and safety coststhe equal economic and regulatory treatment between contracted workers and subcontracted workers, the correct application of the CCNL (collective agreement, ndr) towards subcontracted employees, the congruity check”.

Construction sites open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

The protocol – which follows the one on legality signed on 19 June – also provides for active construction sites for the Jubilee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in full compliance with the sector contracts and the legality of work, with the aim of “do it sooner and better”. Then there are specific salary and contractual anti-dumping clauses, the attribution during the tender phase of predominant scores to the technical offer compared to the price, rewarding quality and social and environmental aspects rather than maximum discounts and more economically advantageous offers.

Gualtieri and the construction delays

This protocol, explained the mayor and Extraordinary Commissioner for the Jubilee Gualtieri, “introduces some elements of great importance to do quickly and well on the many interventions in view of the Jubilee. We are talking about a very substantial amount of investments with stringent and challenging deadlines, this time more than usual because we started with a inevitable delay due to a government crisis which has seen a change and thearrival of the Prime Ministerial Decree to start work only in January”.

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