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Kama Sport, the football start-up aims abroad

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Kama Sport, the football start-up aims abroad

The football start-up Kama Sport, launched in Brescia in 2019 – with a turnover of 1.4 million in 2022 – is preparing to land in Australia, Germany and France by the end of the year, after having already arrived in Brazil in June 2021 and opening an office in Miami in June of this year. And so the auditing agency Ernst & Young now values ​​the small Brescia-based company 40 million, just three years after its birth.

Performance in an algorithm

Kama’s business is the intuition that is marking a turning point in the world of sport: individual and team performances can be studied with mathematical precision, creating reliable algorithms for sports clubs and coaches. The goal is therefore to make not only the training and the choice of players more effective but also the trading between teams.

“We select a lot of data in the world of football, from purely sports to medical ones, using material that comes from training, videos, data tracked during sporting events – explains Carlo Bertalli, one of the founders of Kama Sport – We use data providers from all over the world. world, so we analyze players, teams and leagues. The result is a personalized and engineered picture of football professionals. Our customers are coaches and technical staff of Serie A sports clubs, interested in knowing in detail their players but also their opponents ». To give some examples, the leaders of Milan and Napoli use this type of service.

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Engineers and managers work in Kama Sport. With a new round of funding, the business is expanding, looking precisely at the football market abroad. In Brazil it is consolidating itself in the top league, which is why it is now looking at those European countries where football is considered the main national sport, Germany and France (in addition to Australia).

The agreement with Serie A

A few days ago the news of an agreement between Kama Sport and Lega Serie A, which will allow the use of an enormous amount of performance data. «Thanks to this partnership, the data that is collected on a daily basis will be processed and made easy to use to allow clubs to make the most of them, to achieve higher performances and raise the level of competition. During this agreement we will design a system capable of making metadata and elaborated statistics available to enthusiasts, as well as advanced technologies such as virtual and augmented reality “, commented Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Lega Serie A.

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