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Liberty Puerto Rico Urges Users to Update Operating Systems to Avoid Mobile Phone Service Problems

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Liberty Puerto Rico Urges Users to Update Operating Systems to Avoid Mobile Phone Service Problems

Liberty Puerto Rico advises users to update operating systems amidst AT&T migration

Liberty Puerto Rico is warning users of potential mobile phone service issues as a result of the ongoing AT&T migration process. The telecommunications provider is recommending that users ensure their device operating systems are up to date to minimize any potential disruptions.

For users with Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, Liberty recommends installing the latest operating system version. Samsung users are advised to check their software version and follow the instructions provided on the Liberty website.

The company stated that they are in the final stages of integrating former AT&T customers into their systems. Customers who receive a notification indicating an incompatible device may need to reconfigure or change their SIM card, and are encouraged to call 611 or visit a branch for assistance.

In the event of a loss of mobile service, Liberty assures users that they can still communicate by keeping their device connected to a Wi-Fi network and enabling the “data roaming” function. The company acknowledges that while most users will experience a smooth update process, some may face temporary service interruptions that can typically be resolved by updating their operating system or restarting the device.

Liberty emphasized that in certain cases, equipment may need to be changed or reconfigured, while others may require a SIM card replacement. The company is urging clients to watch out for emails and texts with specific information regarding their accounts.

These recommendations come ahead of Liberty’s upcoming report to the Puerto Rico Telecommunications Bureau (NET) following consumer complaints related to the AT&T integration issues. Liberty’s Vice President and General Manager, Eduardo Díaz Corona, assured customers that the migration process aims to streamline billing, improve account management, and enhance customer service access.

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Díaz-Corona highlighted ongoing efforts to optimize services such as billing and roaming coverage, with the goal of offering improved connectivity and personalized offerings for Puerto Rican consumers. The company has completed 85% of the mobile client migration process, with the remaining transition expected to be finalized by March or April.

Executives from Liberty are prepared to address customer concerns and provide necessary information during the upcoming NET meeting. Díaz-Corona expressed gratitude for customer loyalty and cooperation, pledging to resolve any existing migration issues to deliver a better customer experience in the future.

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