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Russia’s war in Ukraine and news after Navalny’s death, live

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Russia’s war in Ukraine and news after Navalny’s death, live

Leaders of 23 European Parliaments have come together to send a joint letter to U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson, urging him to support additional aid to Ukraine. The parliamentary leaders from countries such as France, Poland, the Netherlands, and Spain are calling on Johnson to take action and provide Ukraine with the necessary funds to continue its fight against the Russian invasion.

Despite a Senate-approved relief package that includes over $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, Johnson has been hesitant to put the legislation to a quick vote. He has expressed concerns about the current form of the bill and has told Republicans that there is “no rush” to address the issue.

The letter emphasizes the importance of bipartisan support for Ukraine and highlights the threat that the Russian invasion poses to the democratic world. It warns that the conflict in Ukraine is not just a local issue but a global challenge that endangers security in Europe and the Euro-Atlantic area.

The leaders of the European parliaments stress the urgency of the situation and call on Johnson to make a historic decision in guaranteeing American aid to foreign countries. They believe that supporting Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression is essential for upholding the international order and ensuring peace and stability in the region.

As tensions continue to escalate in Ukraine, the international community is looking to the United States for leadership and support. It remains to be seen how Johnson will respond to the joint letter and whether he will take action to provide the necessary aid to Ukraine.

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