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Lollobrigida-train: “The children in Caivano risked getting the rain”

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Lollobrigida-train: “The children in Caivano risked getting the rain”

Francesco Lollobrigida, 51 years old, Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry

Lollobrigida-train, the minister does not clarify and now his future is in Salvini’s hands

Francesco Lollobrigida faces question time in the Chamber on the issue of “extraordinary stop” in Ciampino so as not to miss his engagement in Caivano following the delay of the train he was traveling on. However, the Minister of Agriculture it does not clarify who asked what: whether he was the one who contacted the train conductor, whether he or the staff contacted the management of Trenitalia or what else. Lollobrigida – we read in Il Fatto Quotidiano – takes it very liberally: “You ask me if the my conduct is attributable to the normal activity of the department for which I am responsible. The answer is yes”. Lollobrigida defines the controversy over the case as “completely specious” and ventures into a reconstruction with several holes in the screenplay. “Immediately after leaving for Rome, the train was diverted to the ordinary line and it was announced a delay first of 75 minutes and then of 100. The journey put at risk the possibility of participating in the events, with serious organizational consequences to the detriment of school staff, the Carabinieri and especially the many citizens who were standing outdoors. on a weather warning day in Campania“.

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As the images of the ceremony demonstrate, the bad weather – continues Il Fatto – he would then spare the minister and those present, without prejudice to the fact that if there really had been an alert condition it would have been inappropriate to hold the event regardless of the minister’s delay. However, the story continues: “At that point I decided to ask if it was possible to make an extraordinary stopwithout any claim to receive preferential treatment”. After Lollobrigida, the Democratic Party calls Matteo to the chamber Salvini, competent for Transport. A source of embarrassment for the government, given that Salvini will have to decide what to do taking into account that He didn’t say a word on the subject and, indeed, he sent forward two very faithful like Massimiliano Romeo and Gian Marco Centinaio to fire broadsides at Lollobrigida.

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