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Maneskin: Victoria De Angelis, from rock star to entrepreneur. “New life”

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Maneskin: Victoria De Angelis, from rock star to entrepreneur.  “New life”

Victoria De Angelis, from rock star to entrepreneur: Davic Srl established to look for new sponsors. The father appointed sole shareholder

Victoria De Angelissinger and co-founder of the band dei Maneskin, decided to be an entrepreneur and chose a trusted minority partner: dad. A few weeks ago, in fact, they presented themselves in front of the notary Gianluca Anderlini in Rome Alessandro De Angelisborn in 1963, with his daughter Victoria born in 2000. The two thus formed the Davic Srl that I will be based in Rome and whose approved capital of 10 thousand euros is divided 95% by Victoria and the remaining 5% by her father.

The capital immediately paid in was the minimum of 2,500 euros, pro-rata, paid in cash by both shareholders. The newco, of which Papa De Angelis was appointed sole director, has a broad corporate purpose including “production and printing of texts on paper or phonographic, electronic or IT media”, “activities related to the exploitation of copyright”, “organization of concerts”, “production of musical performances” and “public relations management on behalf of the artist”.

Among the activities, many others are production and sales related to show business, including the search for sponsorthe contract negotiations e the collection of royalties and the merchandising. The Of the Angels she recently published on her Instagram profile the dates of a tour as a DJ between Europe and the USA in which, therefore, she will be alone.

Papa De Angelis he is also the sole director of Maneskin Empire srl of which equal partners at 25% each are the 4 members of the band: Victoria, David Damiano, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio. In 2022 (latest available balance sheet) the company achieved a turnover of 5.8 million with a profit of 111 thousand euros.

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