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Maneuver, Meloni tested by trade unions and party requests

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Maneuver, Meloni tested by trade unions and party requests

MILANO – Important junction in the rush of the maneuver for approval by the end of the year to avoid the provisional exercise. The premier Giorgia Meloni has a meeting with the group leaders of the majority and a vertex with i labor unions. On the first point, we need to focus on the many requests for changes that come from the government alliance as well as from the oppositions: we are talking about 3,000 amendments or more, for 400 million in treasure to be divided up. Meloni’s line is clear: willingness to think about pos (on which there is already the opening of the premier) and cash while there is no going back on the basic income.

“More cash, more black”. Data on evasion in the Regions to Parliament

by Valentina Conte

While for Female option the road seems marked: in fact, work is being done on the elimination of the controversial conditionality of children (the limitation to three categories of disadvantaged workers would remain, with the raising of the age to 60), a change that should come with an amendment by the government. Among the possible changes is the extension from three to five years of the contracts of the tv rights and an anti-piracy squeeze. The Democratic Party wants to focus on the clearest reduction of the wedge and on the refinancing of the Women’s Option in the version in force so far. The proposals of the M5s range from a stop to raising the ceiling on cash to a package of interventions to restore the Basic income, while the Third Pole wants to finance a significant part of Industry 4.0 with the Pnrr. On SuperbonusForza Italia insists on extending the terms (expired on November 25) until the end of the year in order to have the benefit at 110%, despite the closure yesterday of the undersecretary to the presidency Fazzolari, who instead ensured the work on the release of credits.

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