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Matteo Marzotto sells MinervaHub to San Quirico and Xenon

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Matteo Marzotto sells MinervaHub to San Quirico and Xenon

Matteo Marzotto sells MinervaHub to San Quirico and Xenon

San Quirico, Xenon Private Equity, Ambria Holding and the current minority shareholders of MinervaHub announce that today they have signed an investment agreement under which SQ, upon completion of the transaction, will hold approximately 75% of the capital of MinervaHub, while the remaining approximately 25% will be held by Xenon jointly with other co-investors. Matthew Marzotto will continue to serve as president of MinervaHub.

MinervaHub, which represents the main Italian group in the sector of finishes and materials for luxury accessories, has revenues of over 170 million euros, a portfolio that includes over 1000 customers including 20 of the top luxury brands, and over 700 direct employees.

MinervaHub was born in 2022

MinervaHub was born in 2022 from the merger of XPP Seven, chaired by Gianfranco Piras, and Ambria Holding, chaired by Matteo Marzotto, two entrepreneurial initiatives that have brought together some of the best manufacturing companies in the sector over the years. The MinervaHub currently includes Conceria Zuma Pelli Pregiate Srl (Pisa), Audasit Inc.(USA), Just Gators Inc.(USA), Centrorettili Srl(Pisa), Quake Srl (Vicenza), Jato 1991 Srl(Bologna), Jato India Pvt. Ltd. (India), Jato Garments Pvt. Ltd., Koverlux Srl (Bergamo), Oroplac Srl (Florence), SP Plast Creating Srl (Fermo), Luciani & Co. Srl, Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani Srl (Macerata), Galvanica Formelli Srl (Arezzo) and MA.GUI. Srl (Arezzo), Zeta Catene (Arezzo) companies operating in the fashion-luxury market, design, sportswear, cosmetics, jewelry and automotive.

Creating value in the future

Matthew Marzotto declared: “I am happy and proud that an investor of the caliber of San Quirico, with its entrepreneurial and industrial history, seize the potential of MinervaHub as primary, unprecedented supply platform for top-of-the-range accessories, with his formidable artisan-industrial skills, to transform the creative ideas of the most celebrated brands in the world into products of absolute excellence in compliance with the most challenging ESG standards. I am sure that the vision and skills of San Quirico combined with those of the team that generated MinervaHub will be decisive in the growth and creation of future value”.

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