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Mazda could make its first technical carbon fiber chassis

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Mazda could make its first technical carbon fiber chassis

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Mazda is a manufacturer that has always aimed to reduce the weight of its cars to a minimum. The brand’s iconic flagship sports car, it is no coincidence that the MX-5 weighs just 1001 kg thanks to a strategy of reducing grams wherever possible. In the future, however, there could be fundamental changes in the dynamics, so much so that it seems that the Japanese company could be examining new materials for a possible revolutionary futuristic model.

The goal would be to produce a four-door sedan

A series of patents granted to the Japanese automaker a few days ago go into detail about the methods and processes Mazda would use to produce a low-weight vehicle. While the patent does not describe a specific model, it still suggests that it will not be a sports car if the manufacturer itself decides to produce it. In fact, based on the sketches that are combined with the patent application, it could be a sedan.

The platform will be reserved for hybrid or 100% electric models

Mazda is probably looking into a solution to reduce the weight of its cars in the era of electrification. The patents recently published by the car manufacturer suggest that it is working to create more and more hybrid and 100% electric models, which are normally heavier than combustion cars. One way to reduce this extra mass would be to remove it from the heaviest parts of the car which are specifically the drivetrain, body and chassis.

Carbon fiber is a very resistant material

The Japanese company seems interested in producing carbon fiber laminates by exploiting the potential of this very resistant material in every load context in which it is applied. Mazda’s idea would be to use the material for different parts of the car: from the struts for the roof support, to the frame longitudinal members up to the bumpers which have different sections. Mazda aims to make a composite chassis that is as strong as possible across multiple axes.

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The frame project with an expert partner in the sector

Mazda should not be alone in developing the revolutionary chassis. The patent, in fact, was assigned both to the Japanese company and to Nippon Steel Chemical & Material Co., a brand expert in the development of carbon fiber structures. However, it is not certain if and when a Mazda with a carbon chassis will arrive. Perhaps one day, however, the brand could offer a hybrid or electric sedan which, thanks to the carbon chassis, will be lighter than the competition.

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